Team Service Operations Center

We work with

  • Among others, we work with web servers like Apache and NGINX, data bases like MySQL and PostgreSQL, and hardware load balancer like our F5 appliance.
  • Our landscape of setups is vast and we get in touch with a lot of tools like: Elasticsearch, Memcached, Monit, Icinga, Redis, Solr, Filebeat, Kibana, Logstash, Nodejs, PHP, Tomcat, RabbitMQ, Varnish, XtraBackup and Zabbix.

To do this

  • troubleshooting
  • monitoring
  • execution of changes
  • and more

Come to us an learn

  • how you offer professional service on a high level.
  • become a master at troubleshooting.
  • bring stable and scalable setups forward.

About Team Service Operation Center:

We ensure that all components of our customer setups run smoothly, from the operating system to the bottom edge of the application. As Service Operations Center, we are the first point of contact for incidents, carry out changes and requests and react proactively to events in the setups. For this we are in discussion with the technicians on the customer’s side, with whom we maintain a particularly good relationship. As Team SOC, we are the oil in the gearbox of our customers – and of our colleagues in the Customer Operations team: We’ll keep them on track to configure new setups. Thus we make an essential contribution to the premium services of SysEleven.

What sounds so simple requires a strong team spirit: With the range of technologies available, not everyone can know everything. This is why we support each other continuously – and learn an unbelievable amount of new things! Not without reason the Service Operations Center is the first station for every new SysEleven administrator: Whoever has worked here cannot avoid a steep learning curve and may rightly claim to have seen almost everything once.

SOC in five terms: Team. Talk. Try. Testing. Tools.

Dimitri HenningSysEleven

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