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Get to know our Kubernetes solution MetaKube & automate your business applications

We have developed a Kubernetes solution for you that helps you to deploy your workloads optimally and offers you the highest flexibility. MetaKube takes the complicated part of creating, running and updating a Kubernetes cluster off your shoulders – so you can fully concentrate on your core business!

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// Managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes but "hassle-free"

In our 20-minute showcase, we will introduce you to our Kubernetes solution MetaKube, including cluster creation and installation of various applications.

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MetaKube Showcase

// One size doesn´t fit all

MetaKube Editions

There are different maturity levels of organizations on the way to the cloud. Depending on the maturity of your own organization, you may need more or less support. In our showcase, we introduce you to our three editions:

// full flexibility

MetaKube Core

Managed master components

Dashboard for cluster creation

100% GDPR compliant

// Quickstart Application catalog

MetaKube Accelerator

Managed master components

Dashboard for cluster creation

100% GSPR compliant

Curated building blocks

Release automation

// allround carefree package

MetaKube Operator

Full managed operations service

24/7 support from our experts

100% GDPR compliant

// your Benefits

MetaKube by SysEleven

    • Kubernetes as a Service with managed components
    • Scalable: up to 2,400 CPUs per cluster
    • High availability up to 99.999%
    • Fully automated updates
    • Highest usability thanks to the MetaKube Dashboard
    • Time to market in 30 minutes
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