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Our job is to take responsibility — for IT solutions that can be implemented with a wide variety of platforms. We know all the building blocks inside and out: from the network to the high-performance system to the application, we know to get them to work together and make them sing.

With SysEleven’s NEO method, we are at your side — starting with the briefing and advisement through training workshops for your admins and devops all the way up to fully managed operations. To that end, we intensively study best-of-breed technologies so that you have a free hand in choosing which technologies you want to use. We find and integrate the best path that suits your enterprise requirements. Together we don’t just create complete solutions, we also secure your operations and increase your staff’s know how.

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SysEleven's NEO method



Our experts will navigate you through the oceans of possibilities: Together, we define the requirements for your enterprise solution and how best to implement it. We take into account all components and with no vendor lock-in. To do this, we put together your individual advisement team, with whom you will successfully follow through with your cloud native transformation.



Technology alone doesn’t permanently add value — getting an edge in know-how does. Our experts expand or deepen your team’s know-how upon request — from the theory to the application. By the way: Learning together is part of working with us. Our engineers will proactively explain what IT solutions you should use for your next step.



Our focus is on the smooth and secure operation and optimization of your Web application(s). In keeping with a modern concept of SRE, we carefully reflect specifically upon any errors that may occur and learn from them.

We offer you full 24/7/365 support from our experienced experts.

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Our green Facts

Climate change is everywhere and more present than ever. We have made it our job to reduce our company’s ecological footprint as much as possible. We are continually working on numerous methods and put them into place step by step.

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The electricity in our offices is 100% from renewable sources — certified by ok-power. Our green power supplier is independent of atomic energy corporations and is actively pushing the expansion of the green energy revolution. Our data centers have been powered by green energy for years.

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Waste seperation
& recycling

We reduce waste production and recycle wherever possible. We strongly prefer refillable products. A clean separation of waste is the basis for recycling! We separate our waste in six different categories: valuable materials, glass, paper, compostable waste, residual waste, and special waste.


& Travel

We follow the maxim rail not air! We compensate for flights overseas by buying carbon offsets through atmosfair. As an alternative to cars, we support our staff by subsidizing Berlin regional public transport passes and bike leasing. We only buy or lease vehicles that are fully electric or use fuel cells.


Developers for Future

The initiative Developers for Future supports all groups that have joined the Fridays for Future movement in networking or with creating a Web presence. They also take a close look at the question of what it means to create sustainable software or to operate sustainable IT.

We support this initiative 100% and have provided it with a technical backend using a Kubernetes setup.

syseleven-icon-Reduction of plastic waste

Reduction of plastic waste

Plastic waste is a well-known problem: Already there are many millions of tons of plastic waste floating in our oceans. A plastic bottle needs up to 450 years to decompose. Furthermore, when plastic decomposes it creates so-called microplastics, which in turn enter our nutrition chain through fish and become a health hazard for humans and animals! We avoid plastic and single-use products and use glass, wood, metal, and environmentally friendly alternatives.

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