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Support Overview

This page presents you all the important links to SysEleven support and to our products’ documentation.

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Support email

Contact our SysEleven support via email. We are happy to help you and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ticket system

You can create a ticket directly here if you already have an account in our ticket system.

SysEleven status page

Here you can view the current status of the SysEleven infrastructure and be informed about planned maintenance work.


Here you can find the General Terms and Conditions as well as the Service Level Agreements of our products:

// FAQs

Frequently asked questions​

SysEleven support is available on weekdays (except public holidays in Berlin) between 9 AM and 5 PM via the following telephone number: +49 30 233 2012 30.


Outside service hours, we can be reached via the emergency hotline +49 30 609 89 22 11 (mailbox).***

*** Depending on the contract, costs may occur here.

  • Tickets are assigned to an organization via the requester
  • A user can be assigned to one or more organizations.
  • The visibility of tickets is controlled by the affiliation of organizations.
  • The requester assignment, organization of a ticket, and thus the visibility of that ticket can no longer be changed when the ticket is closed (3 days after the ticket has been set to “resolved”).


If, for example, your agency creates a ticket for you at SysEleven, ticket creator’s organization is set automatically, in this case the agency. Unless the ticket is created via https://helpdesk.syseleven.de/, the corresponding selection is made in the “Organization” selection field. Only then can you see (and edit or comment on) the ticket.


If a user is to be affiliated with multiple organizations, such as with several hosting customers of SysEleven, can only be configured individually. Please contact us if this is desired.


Please also note that the affiliation of a user to your organization allows them visibility for all your tickets.

  • If your user account in our ticket system belongs to an agency that works for one or more customers, it is essential that when creating tickets you take care to do so in the right organization – that of the customer. The customer, who in most cases pays the bills for our work, is only then able to view all tickets and check for proper billing.


    Selecting an organization using the frontend

    If you create a new ticket via the frontend, please select the corresponding customer organization in the “Organization” area. Then the organization for that ticket will be set.


    Selecting an organization when creating a ticket by e-mail

    If you create a ticket conveniently by e-mail, it is advisable to clearly identify the customer name in the subject line. For example like this:

    Customer Name: Subject of your ticket

    Our engineers will then set the organization accordingly.

It’s commonly required that the creator of a ticket is not the only one to be informed about that ticket’s creation and process. The software solution used by SysEleven offers an easy way to set this up.


That way you activate notifications for all tickets that are created within your company organization.


    1. Log in to the SysEleven Helpdesk.
    2. Click on your name in the upper right corner to open the dropdown.
    3. Click on “My activities” (English) or “Meine Aktivitäten” (German).
    4. On the new page, click on “Organization requests” (English) or “Organisationsanfragen” (German).
    5. There you will see all requests that have been created for your organization. If you belong to more than one organization, you can select the appropriate organization in the dropdown field “Organization”.
    6. In order to be informed about all new tickets, you can select the appropriate organization and then follow it with the “Follow” button.

You can easily check this yourself via our status page. There you will find an overview of all systems with their current status and all current or past incidents.


Everything is green but I still have problems…


If you should have any problems and the status page shows all systems as working, we are at your disposal as always.

Contact information can be found at the top of this page.

In general, we want to keep your confidential information strictly confidential – that’s why we developed https://secrets.syseleven.de/ to keep your information as secure as possible.


How do I use the system?

  1. Go to https://secrets.syseleven.de/.
  2. There you can enter your confidential information in the text field and it will be encrypted by clicking on it. You are welcome to protect the text field with a separate password.
  3. A link to your confidential information will be created and can then be retrieved exactly once. An error will be generated every time you call it up.
  4. As soon as the link has been accessed, it will be deleted.

Why should I use it?

Most confidential information are credentials like passwords. These should never be transmitted in unencrypted form, especially to prevent eavesdropping attacks.