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Managed Shop-Hosting by SysEleven

High performance and worry free. Not quick and dirty.

Long-term viability thanks to freedom of choice:
SysEleven is your first choice for successful e-commerce movers and shakers.

We are specialists in hosting high performance omnichannel e-commerce solutions together with strong partners and a high degree of customization. Shop solutions that are reliable and are seamlessly integrated to meet the challenges of your requirements

We have over 12 years’ experience and have completed over 500 projects in scalable business models and organic software and app landscapes. Thus we know the traps and pitfalls and know how to avoid them. We take responsibility for operations. Upon request, we can also work flexibly with your processes and sprints.

Our start or migration packages make sure you have a worry free start in your project.

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E-commerce with a system:

  • The strongest systems like Spryker, Shopware, or OXID —  enhanced with your individual solutions.
  • Planning and operations from a single expert, from layers 1 to 7.
  • DDoS protection and 99.995% prevention of downtime
  • Our data centers are Certified under ISO 27001
  • Scalability: Resources like CPU, RAM, and storage can be adjusted during operations.
  • Process security, even coordinated with (your) agency partner(s).
  • Proactive incident management and 24/7/365 support from our recognized experts.

Our experience since 2007: Satisfied customers

SysEleven Managed Hosting solutions:

Clear advantages for business decision makers

As an independent and central specialist for high performance managed hosting solutions, we work together with you to satisfy your clients’ requirements.

  • Experience: SysEleven knows scalable business models by heart. Thanks to our experience with over 500 e-commerce projects since 2007, we know where the traps and pitfalls lie and how to avoid them.
  • Flexibility in growth: automatic scaling to meet your tsunami of customers. Resources like CPU, RAM, and storage can be adjusted while the system is running. And that with high availability!
  • User satisfaction: For example, caching of static content improves page load times and therefore happier visitors to your shop. Furthermore, together we can analyze and find more optimization solutions, such as running databases and applications more efficiently.
  • Cooperation: In a harmonious triangle of customer, agency, and hosting partner, there is no passing the buck. We work as partners, responsibly and upon request through your agile processes like sprints.
  • Future: SysEleven stands not just for cloud and container technologies like Kubernetes. With us, you place your bets on a partner who can accompany you on your next technical steps and competently support you with our deep knowledge.
  • Operational security: SysEleven is 99.995% downtime-free. We are ready 24/7 to ensure the availability of your application, protecting it from DDoS attacks and load peaks. Even your backups are distributed across two data centers to further minimize the danger of data loss.
  • Data protection and privacy: Two ISO 27001 certified data centers in Germany. Thus German law applies to us as well as the strictest data protection regulations — in particular with respect to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Clear advantages for technical decision makers
  • Hotline to technicians: rapid help for you. You can reach our recognized experts right away starting with the first contact. Through a ticket or a phone call. Furthermore, we can actively support you with our more than 12 years of operational experience.
  • Automatic update and patch management: More operational security for you. SysEleven installs weekly tested updates and patches for all software and operating systems that we manage.
  • Monitoring and alarms: A better and longer night’s sleep for you. We stand ready 24/7/365 to secure the availability of your application. From DDoS attacks to load peaks and from Apache to Zabbix.
  • Trending: More transparency for you. We keep your server’s performance data under constant surveillance. That way we can both easily and quickly find bottlenecks.
  • Profiling: More performance for you. We can analyze the runtime performance of applications and database queries for you to support you in finding more potential for optimization.
  • True scalability: More flexibility for you. Our distributed systems secure your operations and provide even more flexible scalability for each and every component. Also highly available: resources like CPU, RAM, and storage can be adjusted even on an active running system.
  • Service and project management: More structure for your project. Our colleagues in service and project management organize and look after your project right from the start.
  • Test environments: More fun in experimentation for you. Optionally, we provide you with special test environments to test software and configurations in advance without endangering the running operation.
Facts about security and partners

Sicherheit and Connectivity:

  • Two self-operated ISO 27001 certified data centers in Germany.
  • We operate our own fiberoptic infrastructure with external bandwidth of over 500 Gbit/s.
  • SysEleven has a whole battery of options to deflect DDoS attacks on your systems.
  • Even your backups are distributed by SysEleven across the data centers to minimize the risk of data loss.
  • Our own team of security engineers will also help with individual customer cases.
  • And if anything does go wrong: We communicate it transparently and honestly.


  • German law applies to us as well as the stringent rules of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • We actively support your security audits, such as by granting access to our data centers.


  • Experience in hosting since 2007
  • 110 SysEleven specialists
  • Over 500 successful e-commerce projects
  • Cloud and container solutions
  • Guaranteed 30 minute reaction time


  • Thanks to our tried and tested concert of software makers, agencies, and service providers, you get a comprehensive managed service for the complete implementation of your e-commerce project.
  • Our partner network takes responsibility for services that go well beyond the basic technical requirements. For example, an agency customizes shop software and tailors it to improve usability.
  • You can find a selection from our list of partners in the SysEleven network here.

Award-winning managed hosting from the pros. Safe and sound.

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Made in Germany

More legal security:
SysEleven runs its cloud and
hosting services from Germany.

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SysEleven has won multiple awards.
Including from our clients, like at
VogelIT’s Hosting & Service Provider Summit

In partnership with strong shop systems:

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SysEleven is a partner of the modula online shop system Shopware. With clear advantages for you.

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SysEleven and OXID — two strong partners with years of experience and numerous joint projects.

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Accelerate your business with SysEleven and the commercial operating system from Spryker.

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Together with IntelliShop, SysEleven is the digitalization of your B2B operations.

Intershop Logo colored

Your omnichannel e-commerce solutions from SysEleven and Intershop.

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Your cloud-based e-commerce platform from SysEleven and Magento.

Two packages. One ideal project start.

Starter pack:

  • Reduced project startup costs
  • Personal handover sessions including technical training for your team
  • Optional: Consulting in the preliminary phase for requirements analysis and approach to solutions

Migration pack:

  • Creation of a migration concept that enables the switch without downtime.
  • Includes personal on-site workshops about the migration.
  • Optional: Individual development and implementation concept for your shop.