// About SysEleven

How was it possible…

…that Macnews.de remained stable online in the early 2000s, while a huge crush of Apple fans wanted to see The Next Big Thing that Steve Jobs was introducing in his keynote?

Macnews.de founder Marc Korthaus could not avoid this question because of the growing number of visitors. The moment he employed more server admins than editors was the birth of SysEleven GmbH. Since 2007, we have taken responsibility for ensuring that applications run with performance, stability, and security – from business applications and online shops to complex applications.

To ensure the best possible basic conditions, we operate our data centers ourselves and even have our own fiberoptic ring. As performance and availability requirements increase, we are continuously and sustainably expanding our portfolio: We provide our customers with the technologies they need so they can expect flawless application operations now and in the future.

Our success has proven us right: Throughout the company’s 13 year history, SysEleven has remained owner-managed and operated. Today we employ over 100 staff and will continue to grow in the coming years.

Ongoing Projects
Years on the market
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Made with love in Berlin

The start of SysEleven

Marc Korthaus founds SysEleven GmbH from Macnews.de: The company provides server resources through its own data center. One of the first customers of SysEleven was Golem.de.

Online Shopping

With the boom in e-commerce, more and more online shops begin to approach SysEleven. SysEleven specializes in particularly elastic, high-performance setups for e-commerce projects.

Fiberoptic Made in Berlin

Fiberoptic made in Berlin: SysEleven commissions its own fiberoptic network and connects offices to the high-speed Internet. The network is one among few to be prepared for 100 G. SysEleven continues to expand its infrastructure in the following years and connects more and more data centers and buildings.

Certification & second data center

A second data center improves distribution and performance as larger and larger customers come to SysEleven with ever greater demands. SysEleven begins to prepare for the certification ISO 27001 pursuant to the IT baseline protection according to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Management Board

Jens Ihlenfeld, founder of Golem.de, joins SysEleven as Managing Director.

OpenStack Cloud

With the SysEleven Stack, SysEleven presents its own OpenStack-based cloud and offers it as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Kubernetes as a Service

More than just Kubernetes: SysEleven launches MetaKube, a managed service for container orchestration. When supplemented by essential meta features, MetaKube forms an all-round carefree package.