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// About SysEleven

How was it possible…

…that Macnews.de remained stable online in the early 2000s, while a huge crush of Apple fans wanted to see The Next Big Thing that Steve Jobs was introducing in his keynote?

Macnews.de founder Marc Korthaus could not avoid this question because of the growing number of visitors. The moment he employed more server admins than editors was the birth of SysEleven GmbH. Since 2007, we have taken responsibility for ensuring that applications run with performance, stability, and security – from business applications and online shops to complex applications.


To ensure the best possible basic conditions, we operate our data centers ourselves and even have our own fiberoptic ring. As performance and availability requirements increase, we are continuously and sustainably expanding our portfolio: We provide our customers with the technologies they need so they can expect flawless application operations now and in the future.


After more than 15 years of company history, SysEleven is a 100% subsidiary of secunet AG, currently employs over 140 people and will continue to grow in the coming years.

Ongoing Projects
Years on the market
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Made with love in Berlin

The start of SysEleven

Marc Korthaus founds SysEleven GmbH from Macnews.de: The company provides server resources through its own data center. One of the first customers of SysEleven was Golem.de.

Online Shopping

With the boom in e-commerce, more and more online shops begin to approach SysEleven. SysEleven specializes in particularly elastic, high-performance setups for e-commerce projects.

Fiberoptic Made in Berlin

Fiberoptic made in Berlin: SysEleven commissions its own fiberoptic network and connects offices to the high-speed Internet. The network is one among few to be prepared for 100 G. SysEleven continues to expand its infrastructure in the following years and connects more and more data centers and buildings.

Certification & second data center

A second data center improves distribution and performance as larger and larger customers come to SysEleven with ever greater demands. SysEleven begins to prepare for the certification ISO 27001 pursuant to the IT baseline protection according to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Management Board

Jens Ihlenfeld, founder of Golem.de, joins SysEleven as Managing Director.

OpenStack Cloud

With the SysEleven Stack, SysEleven presents its own OpenStack-based cloud and offers it as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Kubernetes as a Service

More than just Kubernetes: SysEleven launches MetaKube, a managed service for container orchestration. When supplemented by essential meta features, MetaKube forms an all-round carefree package.

Expansion of the Europe-wide network

The SysEleven network team is continuously building the pan-European fiber ring. We connect you to the rest of the world with up to 500 GBit/s bandwidth - thanks to connections to the most important European exchanges and peerings with over 100 network operators, including interconnects with Deutsche Telekom, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and many more.

Day1-Member of Gaia-X

For a more sovereign Europe. As a day1 member, we actively support the European GAIA-X project. Everyone who uses cloud technology knows that data should be treated securely and responsibly. It is also important to ensure that users do not become dependent on individual cloud providers or the economic or political interests of individual countries.

MetaKube Accelerator

With MetaKube Accelerator, we are creating a new era of managed hosting based on Kubernetes. With the coordinated MetaKube Accelerator Building Blocks, you make your team faster and manage your projects efficiently yourself.

Third data center location

The expansion of our Kubernetes business is leading us to make targeted investments for accelerated growth: we will officially launch our "Third Region" in Frankfurt am Main on December 09, 2021. Through the cooperation with the data center operator NTT, we expect a performance leap for our Kubernetes solution MetaKube.

MetaKube Operator

We are taking our portfolio to a new level with the full-managed Kubernetes offering "MetaKube Operator". MetaKube Operator integrates seamlessly with the SysEleven Stack (Iaas), Metakube Core and MetaKube Accelerator - our building block system for Kubernetes-based setups. On this basis, customers develop their own cloud-native software projects and can now outsource the complete operation to us with MetaKube Operator.

SysEleven & secunet

We are now part of secunet, Germany's leading cybersecurity company and IT security partner of the Federal Republic of Germany. With the help of our new, strong partner, we will now approach the further development of our cloud solutions at an even faster pace and strengthen our position as an independent German provider in the market for digitally sovereign cloud operations.

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Our green facts

Climate change is omnipresent and more present than ever before. We have made it our task as a company to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible. We are continuously working on various measures and implementing them step by step.

Green power

The electricity in our office comes 100% from renewable sources - ok-power certified. Our green power provider is independent of nuclear power companies and actively promotes the expansion of the energy transition. Our data centers have also been powered by green electricity for years.

Waste separation & recycling

We avoid waste wherever we can and use recycling where possible. Refillable products are strongly preferred. Clean waste separation is the basis for recycling! We therefore separate our waste into 6 different categories: Recyclables, Glass, Paper, Organic Waste, Residual Waste and Special Waste.

Work & Travel

Our motto is: train before flight! We compensate overseas flights with a compensation payment through atmosfair. As an alternative to the car, we support our employees with a subsidy for the BVG ticket and bike leasing. We only purchase or lease vehicles that are powered by electricity or hydrogen.

Developers for Future

The Developers for Future initiative supports all groups that have joined the Fridays for Future movement in networking or creating their own web presence. They also explore the question of what it means to build sustainable software or run sustainable IT. We are 100% behind this initiative and support it in the tech backend with a Kubernetes setup.

Plastic waste reduction

Plastic waste is a well-known problem: there are already several million tons of plastic waste floating in our oceans. A plastic bottle takes up to 450 years to "decompose". In addition, the decay of plastic creates so-called microplastic, which in turn enters our food chain via fish and becomes a health hazard for humans & animals! We avoid plastic and disposable products and use glass, wood, metal and environmentally friendly alternatives instead.