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Infrastructure as a Service - Made in Germany

With the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud – based on OpenStack – we provide you with a shared, hyperconvergent infrastructure in Germany-wide, ISO27001 certified data centers as a public cloud. In it, you can manage an entire setup quickly and cost-effectively via the web frontend using the API. Our solution also enables you to use Infrastructure as Code.

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SysEleven OpenStack Cloud Benefits

High Flexibility

Define your setup with code and add new machines if necessary. This way you scale in seconds and have a shortened time to market.

Support Included

You do not need to have worked with OpenStack to use the SysEleven stack. We prepare you for the Stack in workshops and training courses, and we support you with our free support and best practice templates.


The SysEleven OpenStack Cloud is based on OpenStack: This open source software is the established solution in cloud computing and is continuously being developed by a strong community.

High Compatibility

Thanks to the 100% OpenStack API, the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud is standards compliant and does not use any hidden abstraction layers. This avoids a vendor lock-in: You remain flexible and independent for the future.


We make our computing capacity available to you at a reasonable prices, and you get powerful quotas at fixed, calculable prices and deploy additional on-demand resources as needed.

Traffic Included

As a customer of the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud, you do not only benefit from our powerful network link. Traffic is included!

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You can customize your cloud resources to your workloads. CPU- or RAM-optimised flavors are available for this purpose. You can configure your setups according to your needs.

// Classic Flavor

1 vCPU - 2 GB RAM

ab 0,008 €

per Hour

// CPU-optimized

1 vCPU - 4 GB RAM

ab 0,010 €

per Hour

// RAM-optimized

1 vCPU - 8 GB RAM

ab 0,014 €

per Hour

With the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud, we can not only implement new projects fast but also stay in control of the budget. SysEleven Support also assists you in case of complex technical problems.

// Infrastructure as Code

SysEleven OpenStack Cloud Features

Due to its short delivery, installation, and waiting times, SysEleven OpenStack Cloud is particularly suitable for developers and software manufacturers. The code and the templates are the keys with which you define what your setup should look like: You define the dimensions of the environments you need based on your specifications and reproduce them as often as you like with a single command. The stack provides you with the necessary computing power automatically.

To get you started more easily, we offer tutorials in our documentation as well as a selection of proven templates (You can download them for free on Github). These are suitable for various environments like e-commerce projects, development pipelines and content management systems.

If you like, we can assist you creating a setup with OpenStack in a workshop. Get in touch with us!

OpenStack is the basis of the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud. The open source software is widely regarded as the standard for cloud computing. It is constantly being developed further by an enthusiastic community and promises a high degree of compatibility. For the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud, we have adapted OpenStack to offer our customers an improved platform for more performance and stability.

We deliberately operate our SysEleven OpenStack Cloud with standard APIs and without variations that lead to incompatibilities. This means that there is no vendor lock-in for you and you remain future-proof thanks to the high level of compatibility.

In order to meet the high demands of our customers and to offer a high-quality Infrastructure as a Service, we have added:

  • For Software Defined Networking (SDN) we use MidoNet from Midokura. This enables us to provide enterprise level support and a range of functions for the SDN.

Better Safe than Sorry: We operate the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud via three availability zones in our certified data centers located in Berlin and Frankfurt. This way you can set up a highly available active-active setup. Since both the data centers and SysEleven GmbH are located in Germany, the strict data protection regulations according to GDPR and the Federal Data Protection Act apply.

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Sign Up for 30 Days Trial

With a initial credit worth of €1,476 you can test your applications, stagings or container platforms for free on the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud.

In case of questions, our support team is there for you. With our documentation you get helpful info and tips to get started easily.

We have high expectations to security and exclusively let business customers try out the SysEleven Stack.