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// December 2021

Kubernetes specialist SysEleven launches third data center location in Frankfurt

The expansion in Kubernetes business is leading SysEleven to target its investments for accelerated growth: In Frankfurt, the managed hosting specialist is officially launching its “Third Region” today. In cooperation with the data center operator NTT Europe, SysEleven expects a leap in performance for its Kubernetes solution MetaKube. 


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// May 2021

SysEleven launches beta for its Kubernetes framework "MetaKube Accelerator"

The Kubernetes specialist SysEleven is powering a new dawn in managed hosting with its beta version of “MetaKube Accelerator,” unveiled today at KubeCon. The framework enables organizations to create software projects within a very short time, package them as containers, and run them in the cloud environments of their choice.


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// June 2019

SysEleven adds Amazon Web Services to its Multi-Cloud Kubernetes aaS​

MetaKube, the Kubernetes as a Service system, is now available on SysEleven’s own OpenStack Cloud as well as on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With the integration of hyperscaler infrastructures in MetaKube, it is now easy to create and manage Kubernetes clusters across borders of cloud vendors and to make them available worldwide. MetaKube takes control of tasks that are needed to operate Kubernetes clusters


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// November 2015

SysEleven sets the pace for digital infrastructure in Berlin​

Berlin is known as a city of creative startups and dynamic IT firms. These companies can only work successfully if they have a fast Internet connection. SysEleven GmbH, one of the leading managed hosting providers in Germany, sees that a lot of catching up is needed. That’s why SysEleven is driving the expansion of digital infrastructure by operating its own fiberoptic networks and connecting their endpoints with its technologies. 


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// September 2015

SysEleven Stack: Infrastructure turns into code​

Today at its in-house conference in Berlin, SysEleven GmbH announced the beta of its new cloud platform, SysEleven Stack. Using SysEleven Stack, which is based on OpenStack, clients get maximum control of and flexible access to their infrastructure through APIs. They can individually choose what level of system management they need from SysEleven, which leads to an unparalleled flexibility in management. If requested, root and branch modifications of infrastructure are possible, because they are fully mapped using SysEleven Stack’s code.

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// September 2015

Sys11 Stack: SysEleven developing an OpenStack hosting platform​

SysEleven is a leading managed hosting provider in Germany. With Sys11 Stack, SysEleven is creating a new hosting platform based on OpenStack. Sys11 Stack provides the platform for a new generation of managed hosting solutions. This hosting platform makes possible a modern, completely automated cloud setup. The goal is to drastically shorten the gap between developing new functions and deploying the product. Furthermore, it greatly simplifies bugfixes and increases flexibility in working together.


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// July 2015

SysAdmin Day: SysEleven supports sysadmins with expertise & resources​

On 31 July, the 15th annual SysAdmin Day takes place. System administrators (sysadmins) are responsible for making sure IT systems run smoothly. Data must be secure, servers must stay available, applications must be productive — otherwise revenue, company image, and profits all suffer. Many sysadmins struggle with this tall order and often can provide only a basic level of functionality to meet the challenges.


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// July 2015

SysEleven supplies expanded version of NGINX web server software at no charge​

SysEleven creates added value for its clients: starting immediately, the Berlin managed hosting pros are giving their clients access to the full Pro version of the application delivery platform NGINX as part of its service package — at no extra charge. Unlike the open source version, clients benefit from a greatly expanded feature set, premium support from the manufacturer, and control at API level while running.
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