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SysEleven Stack: Infrastructure turns into code

OpenStack implementation is core topic of the SysEleven conference in Berlin

    • OpenStack implementation is the core topic of SysEleven’s conference in Berlin
    • SysEleven Stack progresses from alpha to beta, will be available to clients starting November 2015
    • SysEleven raises managed hosting to a new level
    • Cloud platform based on OpenStack gives clients maximum control over their infrastructure

Today at its in-house conference in Berlin, SysEleven GmbH announced the beta of its new cloud platform, SysEleven Stack. Using SysEleven Stack, which is based on OpenStack, clients get maximum control of and flexible access to their infrastructure through APIs. On the other hand, they can individually choose what level of system management they need from SysEleven, which leads to an unparalleled flexibility in management. If requested, root and branch modifications of infrastructure are possible, because they are fully mapped using SysEleven Stack’s code. Thus servers can be rebooted or (virtually) deleted at any time.


SysEleven Stack is based on OpenStack, one of the world’s largest open source projects, which is supported by all relevant hardware and software producers. OpenStack offers numerous interfaces that are for the most part compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The hosting pros at SysEleven have built their SysEleven Stack on the foundation of OpenStack and replaced components that were not ready for prime time or were not sufficiently scalable.


Jens Ihlenfeld, managing director of SysEleven GmbH, is certain that current and future challenges will be met: “The time factor is becoming an ever more important element in the introduction of new services and applications. Thanks to the scalable cloud platform SysEleven Stack, our clients gain not just complete control over their infrastructure, but also can create whole new worlds of infrastructure in just minutes.” Clients have the freedom to choose what level of management they need for their existing infrastructure and which parts they want SysEleven to manage.


Flexibility through virtualization

Thanks to the virtualization through the cloud platform, many advantages are gained in planning of system environments. Acceptance, load, and penetration tests are simpler and are less risky. This is because the productive environment can be created or reproduced precisely with little extra effort. Along the way, SysEleven Stack supports the OpenStack project’s orchestration engine Heat.

SysEleven Stack takes you to the next generation of managed hosting

Additionally, SysEleven provides a new management framework that lets you create setups outside of the SysEleven environment. The basis for this is SysEleven’s own framework Cloudstrap, which is already available in core parts as open source. Clients are therefore not stuck with infrastructure from Berlin providers. Instead, they can implement hosting projects based on infrastructure from other providers, such as in Asia or the United States, while still managing it from a Berlin hosting provider.


Because of this, managed hosting is cloud-ready and there are no longer any central systems that can act as a bottleneck. The infrastructure provided as code to clients is autonomous and can be booted on other hardware stacks.


The setups encompass a configuration management based on Puppet as well as monitors for alarms and trends to make capacity planning easier.

Market leading OpenStack platform

SysEleven is one of the first providers on the market to offer a fully functional OpenStack platform. Clients get the greatest flexibility and can decide at any time how to manage their systems. Naturally the experienced hosting pros at SysEleven are ready to help with a comprehensive support program. SysEleven Stack means a revolution for users of hosting services. Servers are now just a configuration file and can be set up and installed in little time at all. The buzzword “infrastructure as code” is now reality.


SysEleven Stack beta starts in November 2015

SysEleven Stack will go into beta in 2015 and will then be available to clients at a price of €60 for each CPU core with 4 GB of RAM. Agencies and partners will get special hosting packages from SysEleven for their development environments at special rates as well as training sessions and workshops.

About SysEleven

SysEleven was founded by Marc Korthaus in 2007. Currently SysEleven employs over 100 people. Since 2018, it is a member of the Cloud Native Foundation and is a certified Kubernetes provider. SysEleven provides a vertically integrated technology stack that includes managed cloud services, an OpenStack public cloud, Kubernetes as a Service, and network and carrier services — upon request solely in German data centers. More information is at www.syseleven.de/en

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