// Riding the cloud to high-performance setups with 99.9% uptime

Availability and Performance

Cloud environments offer essential advantages for the availability and performance of critical applications: they enable additional fault tolerance and high uptime through hardware virtualization and flexible scalability. Technologically, they have advanced to the point where they show hardly any performance differences compared to non-virtualized hardware. With the right brand-name hardware, you get high-performance cloud instances.

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// SysEleven Managed Cloud

More than 15 years of experience for best practices

When creating setups, we rely on our years of expertise and best-practice experience: We maximise the setups’ availability by distributing your components across geo-redundant data centers, using load balancers based on the round-robin principle, and fail-safe and quickly accessible databases. Using various caching models, we reduce the workload of the virtual servers and thus accelerate your applications.

Managed Services by SysEleven
// We take over your IT operations

Managed Services

With our Managed Services, we take full responsibility for your highly available, high-performance setup, so that you can focus on your core business. We have over 13 years of experience in Managed Hosting and Managed Application Continuity.

// Cloud Native

Managed Kubernetes

Do you already work with containers? Kubernetes allows you to scale them automatically so that they are always available. With MetaKube, we take over the complex setup of Kubernetes and provide you with the tools that are also relevant for a high-performance operations.

MetaKube by SysEleven
Stack by SysEleven
// Infrastructure as a Service

OpenStack Public Cloud

With our OpenStack-based cloud, the SysEleven Stack, you can create entire setup landscapes using code. Two regions are available for redundant setups as well as Load Balancers as a Service. Our cloud workshops help you get started in the OpenStack Cloud.

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