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Get started now with MetaKube Including consulting, 24/7 support and operations for your business-critical applications.

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Made in Germany & CNCF-certified

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) certified managed Kubernetes solution, MetaKube, is hosted on ISO27001 certified infrastructure – DSGVO compliant. In addition, we are a CNCF-certified Kubernetes service provider.


Certified Kubernetes Logo
CNCF Kubernetes Certified Service Provider Logo
SysEleven MetaKube Managed Kubernetes Dashboard mit Kubernetes Versionen
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Always up to date

With MetaKube, you can concentrate on your core competencies. We take care of the management of the Kubernetes master components for you. 


With the MetaKube dashboard, you can deploy your clusters on the Kubernetes version of your choice in no time. 

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Multi Cloud for your needs

You have the choice of which should deploy workloads on which infrastructure. With MetaKube, you have complete freedom of choice: whether it’s an on-premises solution, on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or on the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud, whose data centers are located exclusively in Germany and are therefore DSGVO-compliant.

MetaKube Managed Kubernetes Dashboard Provider Auswahl
Logo Harbor - Container Registry
Terraform Logo Cloud Native SysEleven
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// From developers for developers

Developer Tools like Terraform, GitLab & Container Registry

Our experts have provided additional developer and DevOps tools to ensure the high demands of company-wide and cross-departmental collaboration. With the SysEleven Terraform Provider, you can control your CLI workflows. With GitLab, you have an overview of your CI/CD pipelines, and with the Container Registry, your images have a central place. 

This way, you can use other components of the Cloud Native universe without worrying about the management of the tools. You can use all tools via single sign-on with appropriate roles and rights distribution.

MetaKube Managed Kubernetes Dashboard Add Ons
// Cloud Native Projekte

Volle Flexibilität mit Add-Ons

Bei der Erstellung eines Clusters kannst Du direkt auf die MetaKube Add-Ons zugreifen und die Cloud Native Projekte via Klick deployen:

    • Monitoring Stack von Prometheus
    • Service Mesh mit LinkerD
    • Ingress Controller via NGINX
    • Datenbanken mit RabbitMQ und Redis
    • Backup via Velero
    • Managed Secrets via Vault

Hier findest Du die vollständige Übersicht.

// One size doesn´t fit all

MetaKube Editions

There are different maturity levels of organizations on the way to the cloud. Depending on your own organization’s maturity, you may need more or less support. In response, we have developed three MetaKube editions for you.

MetaKube Core

Full Flexibility
0,10 per cluster hour
  • Managed Master Components
  • Dashboard for quick cluster creation
  • GDPR-compliant

MetaKube Accelerator

Quickstart Application Katalog
from 3,50 per GB RAM
  • Managed Master Components
  • Dashboard for quick cluster creation
  • GDPR-conpliant
  • Curated Building Blocks
  • Release Automation
  • Multi Cloud Connector

MetaKube Operator

Full Service Package
from 500 per Project
  • Full Managed Operations Service
  • 24/7 Support from Experts
  • GDPR-compliant

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OnBoarding, Trainings and Consulting

To give you a fast adoption path for the optimal use of cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes, we have designed a series of training and workshops, as well as Onboarding Success Packs for you.

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MetaKube Trial for 30 Days

Your services on our Kubernetes test account include:

    • voucher valued at €2,796. This includes 10 CPUs, 40 GB RAM, and 500 GB SSD storage in the first 30 days.
    • All standard Kubernetes features, e.g. Monitoring, Backup, Load Balancing
    • Exclusive MetaKube Add-Ons, e.g. CERT Manager, Velero backups or Ingress Controller
    • Kubernetes tutorials and documentation with MetaKube
    • Direct contact to the MetaKube engineering team
    • Naturally with no required follow-up costs or lock-in