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// Overall Concept

Managed Application Continuity

When implementing your business idea, we are your partner who takes responsibility for the whole life cycle. For this, we go well beyond purely technical aspects: We advise you from the very first moment.


In collaboration with technology providers and agencies, we use best practices to design the right server setup for you. This is the basis for the lifecycle management of the software used.

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All Features at a Glance

Best Practice

We develop the best solution for your needs and bring our more than 13 years of experience to bear. Our project management team works closely with you: Based on best practices and automated modules, we build the appropriate setup and arrange the appropriate service level agreements.


With our headquarters and data centers in Germany, your data is in good hands with us. Backup plans, proactive incident management and DDoS protection provide additional security.

High availability

For optimal accessibility of up to 99.9%, we distribute your setup on different servers and also across different data centers. Load balancers control the requests so that each individual instance does not overload.


High-end hardware, a virtualized platform, and our own fiber ring: We supply what you need for speed and uninterrupted scaling to your setup.

// 360°-Approach

Full Managed Hosting

With our 360° approach, we take responsibility for your setup so that you can concentrate on your core business. Full Managed Hosting at SysEleven offers you:

Works with you to set goals and plans for the project. It coordinates all appointments with you and is committed to a smooth start.

Carry out the installation and organisation of the setups. They are there for your technical questions.

Our service management is always at your side to support you with changes and the optimization of your application operation.

A modern network, up-to-date server hardware, high-end storage systems, and a team that knows the technology and that is able to adapt it to your interfaces – This is the basis of what we, with which we take responsibility for the operation of your application. No matter where adjustments are necessary: We have influence on all decisive components.

Our infrastructure is redundant and distributed across two independent data centers in Berlin. We rely on name-brand hardware: The servers come from HP, the routers from Juniper, the switches from Juniper and Mellanox, the load balancers from F5, and the storage systems from EMC.
Through virtualized Enterprise Cloud Instances (ECI), we provide you with our resources dynamically: They can be scaled without interruption and are quickly accessible even during load peaks. We efficiently manage the server infrastructure with the virtualization layer Virtuozzo from Parallels. Using its instances, we implement the software load balancer, cache, database, and application layers.

Happy Customers

// Managed Cloud by SysEleven


We cannot give a general figure here. It is strongly related to the complexity of the setup, to which setup and maintenance costs are related. Please contact us for further information.

You should consider a full managed solution if the performance and availability of your website is an absolute priority for you. Managed services are particularly suitable if your application operation is mission-critical and/or security relevant.

For each server, we back up the complete system tree with all files on it. Our standardized (7/4/3) backup plan provides for backups of the entire environment on separate systems: Every night a complete backup with a validity of one week. Then a weekly backup with four weeks validity and a monthly backup with three months validity.


With our check system we check and monitor all our standardized services for their functionality. We regularly supplement and improve this system in order to guarantee you stable operation

In case of a malfunction we inform affected customers immediately by e-mail. If restrictions occur specifically in your individual setup, we can inform you about our own monitoring via e-mail or SMS.

In order to help you quickly and efficiently, we need all of the following points, if possible, right at the opening of a ticket. Only then do we save ourselves inquiries and you time and money.


What should the new domain be?
Should subdomains be used? If so, which ones? (e.g. www.)
Should domain aliases be used? If so, which ones?
Is SSL encryption desired? If so, are SSL certificates available or already ordered? (HTTPS)
Are redirects required?
Should everything be redirected to HTTPS?
Should parts of the domain or the URI be redirected? (rewrites)
Is a specific routing required?
Are special headers or cookies required?
Is an additional IP required? (with costs)
Is access protection required? (Keywords: htaccess, IP-Whitelisting, Basic-Auth)
Should a maintenance page be stored?

// We are happy to advise you!

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