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Kubernetes as as Service by SysEleven

MetaKube Core is the Kubernetes-as-a-Service-solution for your workloads and enterprise-class container applications. Your Kubernetes clusters are hosted on ISO-27001 certified infrastructure compliant with GDPR. Our experts monitor your cloud-native applications’ base around the clock. 

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MetaKube Core Dashboard mit Kubernetes Versionen
// Everything you need to get started with Kubernetes

Your interface between infrastructure and application development

MetaKube Core lets you focus on your core competencies. We manage the Kubernetes control plane for you. With the MetaKube dashboard, you can deploy your clusters in no time on the Kubernetes version of your choice. Our SysEleven Terraform Provider allows you to manage your clusters using Infrastructure as Code.

// Kubernetes across cloud provider boundaries

Multi-cloud to suit your needs

You choose which workloads to deploy on which infrastructure. With MetaKube, you have full freedom of choice – whether it’s on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or on the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud, whose data centers are located exclusively in Germany and are therefore GDPR compliant.

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// Get started quickly with Kubernetes

Creating a Kubernetes cluster in just a few minutes

With MetaKube Core, you don’t have to worry about setting up the cluster yourself or worrying about the security and scalability of the control plane – we’ve already done that for you. Just set up your cluster in our web app and get started right away with your high-performance Kubernetes cluster.

// Kubernetes as a Service

Your services with MetaKube Core

  • GDPR compliant: Your use of MetaKube Core and all services is GDPR/DSGVO compliant. Your data will only leave our German data centers if you explicitly set it to do so.
  • CNCF certified: Our managed Kubernetes as a Service solution is officially certified by CNCF.
  • Highly automated: MetaKube Core is at the heart of an extensive automation with CI/CD pipelines, ranging from setting up your Kubernetes cluster to deploying all services and your app. You can quickly set up separate environments for test and stage on-demand and use them cost-efficiently.
  • Automatic scaling: Optimize your costs and user experience! MetaKube lets you have new worker nodes set up to be added automatically. This is what you need to enable scalable setups by adding more resources. You can also set up automatic removal of worker nodes.
  • Shared responsibility: With MetaKube Core, SysEleven takes over a large part of the operational issues of a Kubernetes-based setup. With our support policies, you’ll learn exactly how we’ll work with you on successful operations.
Extensions & Documentation
  • Full cloud integration: MetaKube automatically creates load balancers, nodes, and volumes in the SysEleven stack.
  • Public Documentation: The public documentation on our website is always available to help you quickly learn how to use MetaKube.
  • Lifecycle management included: SysEleven keeps you up to date with the latest versions of Kubernetes and operating systems for nodes.
  • Self-healing: Use Kubernetes capabilities to automatically restart broken components. If a pod fails, Kubernetes automatically schedules new pods to start running your containers with your software. Kubernetes also takes care of automatically maintaining Kubernetes services on your nodes.
MetaKube Core Kubernetes Service Layer 1 und 2
// Seeing is believing

Try our Kubernetes-as-a-Service solution for 30 days with no obligation!

Your MetaKube Trial includes:

    • Credit worth € 2,796
    •  with 12 CPU, 48GB RAM, 500 GB object storage, 500 GB volume storage, and 8 floating IPs
    • All MetaKube features are available for free
    • Free docs and tutorials
    • Direct contact with the MetaKube engineering team
    • no follow-up costs or obligations
// Frequently asked questions

FAQs about MetaKube Core by SysEleven

Container as a Service (CaaS) is a cloud service that runs and manages containerized applications. It involves providing the infrastructure, platform, and support to run containers. It also performs tasks such as provisioning, scaling, and monitoring containers.

Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) is a cloud service that provides a managed Kubernetes environment. With KaaS, containerized applications can be deployed and managed in a Kubernetes cluster without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. The cloud provider takes care of tasks such as provisioning, scaling, and monitoring the cluster. They can also provide additional features such as automatic upgrades and user authentication.


That means CaaS is a way to run and manage containers in the cloud, while KaaS is a way to use Kubernetes in the cloud to manage containerized applications.

With MetaKube Core, we help you build and use infrastructure with the latest technology. A guided process not only allows you to create Kubernetes clusters in minutes, but we also help you keep them up to date.

With MetaKube Accelerator – which is based on MetaKube Core – you get a catalog of popular third party software that is always up to date. We constantly test the software for compatibility, breaking changes, and more. Based on GitOps mechanisms, MetaKube Accelerator helps you deploy and run IT services in the most modern way possible.

With MetaKube Operator, you get a worry-free package for your Kubernetes environment. Our 24/7 GitOps team takes care of the complete operation for your setup. With our 360° approach, we take responsibility for your cloud setup so you can focus on your core business.

In the MetaKube web interface, you can deploy your clusters in no time. You don’t have to worry about setting up the clusters yourself or about the security and scalability of the master components – SysEleven takes care of that for you. Just spin up your Kubernetes clusters in the web interface and be ready to go! Each MetaKube cluster has a dashboard right in the MetaKube web interface that shows the current state of a Kubernetes cluster, such as how many pods are running or how the cluster is being used.


With MetaKube, you always get the latest versions of Kubernetes as soon as SysEleven’s experts have tested the versions. You can update your clusters with a few clicks in the MetaKube dashboard. To make sure you meet the high demands of company-wide and cross-departmental collaboration, you can automate and control your CLI workflows with the SysEleven Terraform Provider tool. Terraform then makes the changes you describe automatically for you through MetaKube’s API.