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24/7 container operation on Kubernetes

Tailored operation of your containers so that you can fully concentrate on your application.

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Full-service package for your Kubernetes environment

MetaKube Operator enables you to successfully and reliably run your cloud-native applications in a 24/7 managed Kubernetes environment. Through customizable managed IT services, you are relieved of the burden of running operations and are thus able to effectively use your IT resources, optimize your business processes and drive the development and modernization of your containerized applications.

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Monitoring, Alerts & trends

MetaKube Operator's monitoring stack includes interaction with Prometheus to collect metrics. These are provided to you by Grafana as dashboards. The alert manager proactively informs you about occurring problems. This allows you to quickly detect dependencies between Kubernetes cluster operations and your application. You get access to the monitoring system and can also build your own dashboards and metrics.

IT security and data protection

Your Kubernetes setup runs exclusively in ISO-27001 certified data centers in Berlin or Frankfurt. Depending on your requirements, we can implement a high availability setup at both locations. 

We support you in securing your setup with image scans and access concepts. To protect you from attacks, we offer you the option of DDoS protection.

Operating concept and service management

We work together with you to define the configurations of the services for operation. – always based on our best practices and the requirements of your application.

The concept includes for example:

    • Sizing of workernodes and pods
    • Control of workload and service distribution 
    • Active capacity management
    • Scaling
    • Provisioning ad-hoc required resources to maintain availability

A service management team is on hand to provide you with service reports on cluster metrics or what work has been done on your setup. You will have a dedicated contact person for individual requests.

Incident management and operations manual

A dedicated service team for incident resolution lets you get a good night's sleep. In the event of an incident, the team intervenes immediately and fixes the error. 

If you wish, we can create an operations manual together with you that defines instructions for events that occur during operation. This lets us to manage your services independently of you 24/7, even if we do not provide the basis for them.

Disaster recovery

We also take care of the manual recovery of the setup of parts of it – if this cannot be done automatically. This includes keeping backups of the data according to the operating concept and restoring them from the backup (restore).

// Our 360° approach for your success

Lifecycle Management

We take care of the lifecycle management for all services operated by MetaKube Operator. As soon as a tested update is available, we take care of the update in your setup.

MetaKube Operator Lifecycle Management

Modernize your IT with MetaKube Operator and focus on your application

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// From planning to going live

The road to cloud-native success

With our 360° approach, we take responsibility for your cloud-native setup. This allows you to fully focus on your core business. Our services include comprehensive support, starting with the scoping phase, through the training of your employees in relevant areas, to the deployment of 24/7 Kubernetes operations. Our goal is to provide a seamless and effective solution that is tailored to your needs.

MetaKube Operator 360 Grad Ansatz Scoping

The scoping phase is an indispensable element in setting up your cloud-native setup with SysEleven. Working closely with you, our goal is to conduct a comprehensive feasibility and needs analysis. In doing so, we focus our attention on the following key points:

  • Technical requirements and possibilities,
  • Organizational structures and processes,
  • Design of the system architecture, including third-party providers and other relevant components.
MetaKube Operator 360 Grad Ansatz Enablement

The goal of the enablement phase is to strengthen the skills and knowledge of you and your team to efficiently manage and use your Kubernetes systems, solve problems and develop new solutions with Kubernetes. In doing so, we support you with:

  • Basic Kubernetes workshops,
  • Deep Dive Workshops on various topics,
  • individual workshops with our Solution Architects Team
MetaKube Operator 360 Grad Ansatz Kick-off

The primary objective of this phase is to lay the foundation for the smooth running and successful completion of the project. The following considerations take place in it:

  • Understanding the requirements
  • Determining the scope of the project
  • Team composition and role clarification
  • Development of a project and communication plan
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Definition and validation of the system architecture
MetaKube Operator 360 Grad Ansatz Transition

At this point we are in the implementation phase, this includes:

  • Deployment of MetaKube clusters,
  • Docker image checks,
  • Connection to third-party systems from SysEleven (s3 for backups, container registry, etc.),
  • Connection to external third-party systems (ERP, etc.), setting up CI/CD pipelines (for build, QA, deployment, etc.),
  • Lifecycle and patch management workflows,
  • many more
MetaKube Operator 360 Grad Ansatz Livegang

Commissioning includes the following items:

  • Post-calculation,
  • Handover and acceptance by you and your team,
  • Final meeting (with all parties involved),
  • Finalization of documentation and operations manual,
  • Lessons learned

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// Frequently asked questions

MetaKube Operator FAQs

No, the main responsibility of the operations team is to maintain the defined state that was established when operations were taken over. They are responsible for taking over and operating setups or individual services that have already been completed and are ready for operation. When it comes to extensions, modifications or the development of new concepts, our Solutions Architects are at your disposal. They are specialized in the design and implementation of these requirements. In case of extensive changes a new operational concept will be necessary

Often there are specific dependencies of applications to certain major versions of our services. Therefore, we can only perform significant upgrades if we receive explicit approval from you. Please note that the cost of such upgrades is not included in our regular service fees. They will be charged additionally and based on the actual effort.

Yes, we can also take over the operation of parts of your project that were not created on the basis of our Building Blocks – provided that a suitable operations manual is available. We react to the events defined in the operations manual and implement the measures previously agreed with you.

SysEleven optionally takes over the task to debug the application 24/7. Everything listed in the operating manual created for this purpose is part of the agreed operating concept. Beyond that, SysEleven does not perform any activities specifically on or for the application.

Some key elements of the concept are:

  • Sizing of worker nodes and pods: We determine the optimal sizes for worker nodes and pods to ensure efficient use of resources and maximize the performance of your application.
  • Workload and service distribution control via MetaKube Core (Tainting and Affinity): We optimize the distribution of workloads and services using MetaKube Core, leveraging Tainting and Affinity to ensure balanced resource utilization.
  • Active capacity management: we proactively monitor and manage available capacity to avoid bottlenecks and maintain performance.
  • Scaling: We enable flexible scaling of your application to respond to changing demands and peak loads.
  • Provision ad-hoc resources to maintain availability: We ensure that additional resources are provisioned as needed to maintain the availability and performance of your application.

In the MetaKube Operator context, we guarantee 24/7 operation on services provided, handed over and operated by us, e.g. clusters or building blocks. We can also apply 24/7 operation to our other MetaKube editions. In summary, this means: