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// What you can expect

Your Application Process

Our highest goal is that we really get to know each other. Professionally and personally, alone and in a team. We like to take our time — but if you don’t have that time because of your current job situation, we will gladly find a mutually agreeable solution.


The same goes for your application: however you see fit to send us the first relevant information about you and your professional abilities. Whether it’s an impressive GitHub profile or classic certifications or even WhatsApp or Threema messages, we welcome them all. The form just not concern us. We care even less if you decide for or against a photo or disclose your gender identity.

// What you can expect

This is how your application process could go

The first contact after your application

People & Culture will set up an appointment via e-mail with you for a telephone call or a visit in our office so you can speak to the relevant department. We will then find out in detail what abilities you can supply us and how you want to develop yourself further. The goal is to feel out whether the job on offer is right for you, or alternatively whether a suitable job can be found in our company.

Your interview with us

People work with people. And because it’s no different for us, we won’t just talk about technology — even though that makes up a major part of SysEleven’s DNA. For us, this step is important to recognize if your values mesh well with ours. So please just be yourself, and being nervous is part of that. The interview is set for about 1.5 hours, during which you will chat with the responsible team leader and an People & Culture manager.

Enough theory. Now it’s test day!

Did our conversations go well? Now it can get even better – because today, our shared love of technology can take the front seat. In your test assignment, you can show us what you’ve got and we show you how we are excited by your can-do attitude and ability. Normally, we start at 10 am and call it a day at 5 pm. This naturally includes a team lunch and a joint feedback round at the end of the day.

The decision: Do you want to be part of our team?

Because we took the time and engaged one another, we’ve gotten to know one another pretty well. If both say “yes”, then you, like everyone else at SysEleven, will have the best chances of having a long and fun career with us. With responsibilities starting at Day One and the chance to sharpen your career profile within our company. In short, it’s great to welcome you as a part of the SysEleven family!

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