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We live diversity – also in thinking and acting. Because only different perspectives will ultimately find the best solution that will help us and our customers move forward. That’s why everyone, from career changers to professionals, works at eye level and learns from each other. In short: We pay attention to each other and get fully involved.

Team BIT

In Team BIT, our mission is to integrate different systems at SysEleven to manage the administration of products and projects

Team CloudStackers

3,000+ virtual Linux servers with over 15,000 CPU cores, more than 32TB RAM and over 5PB storage - this is the foundation for our OpenStack Cloud, the SysEleven Stack.

Team Corporate IT

As a general practitioner for all office IT problems, we run (almost) all internal applications.

Team Customer Operations

As Customer Operators, we build strong solutions that can withstand over 5 Gbit/s of traffic, meeting the individual requirements of our customers.

Team DOC

Our task is the development and support of tools and services for our colleagues in the Operations and Platform team.

Team Finance

We come into play when SysEleven for a change does not move bits and bytes but Euros.

Team Incident Management

As Incident Management, we are the point of contact for incidents, proactively resolving problems in customer setups and keeping all other teams on their toes.

Team MetaKube Core

With Kubernetes we integrate a modern, powerful software for container orchestration into our portfolio.

Team MetaKube Accelerator

We take 13 years of experience that SysEleven has with managed services and package it into Kubernetes. 

Team Network Operation Center

We want to provide reliable and secure core and data center networks for our customers.

Team People

For us one thing is clear: We want to make SysEleven a top employer. After all, employees are the most important factor in the company's success.

Team Platform

We build and operate the stable foundation for the setups of our customers. We are allowed to operate the big machines and are aware of this responsibility.

Team Projectmanagement

We hold the threads between clients, agencies, product management and full-blooded admins together.

Team Request Fulfilment

We help our customers to put the constantly changing (setup) requirements into practice

Team Sales and Marketing

Our task in the Marketing & Sales team is to respond to the needs of our customers and to carry the message of SysEleven to the outside world.

Team Security

For us, "security meets usability" applies and this requires a lot of expertise.

Team Service Desk

The Service Desk team is our first point of contact for all customer communication issues.

Team Service Management

In order to master the daily challenges of our customers, the Service Management team provides the ideal interface.

Team Solution Architects

In the Solution Architects team, we help customers build their solution on MetaKube - our managed Kubernetes platform - in the best possible way.

We want you!

If you feel like a new challenge, contact us and visit us for a coffee, tea or mate.