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Powerful Solutions for Powerful Customers

Who provides scalable and reconstructable setups when the standard path is not sufficient? As customer operators, we build strong solutions that can withstand traffic at over 5 Gbit/s, meet the individual requirements of our customers and grow with them. We provide 24/7 bulletproof operations – from the operating system to the lower edge of the application. We bring a broad spectrum of experience to this task, which we are constantly expanding thanks to the diversity of our customers and the range of technologies used.


When it comes to dealing with new topics, we are courageous pragmatists: We have our finger on the latest trends, without having to jump on every new hype. Instead, we examine approaches to solutions for their security and reasonability, and decide in favor of the more sustainable and better solution for the respective projects. For our customers, we are partnership consultants, because we support them in understanding and correctly using their HA setup – a service that they appreciate and with which we once again make SysEleven a premium hoster.


We are experts who know a lot, but who also learn anew every day and want to become better and better. In order to continue that, we share our know-how, question the status quo and also use our freedom to further our education (and to celebrate our successes together at the end of the day).

  • Apache
  • Ngnix
  • MySQL
  • Memcached
  • PHP
  • F5 Cluster
  • Puppet
  • Hiera
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis
  • and more …
  • Customer advisory service, so that our customers can use technology efficiently

    Design and implementation of complex customer setups

    Operation and monitoring of virtualized servers

    Error analysis and debugging

    Troubleshooting tricky incidents

    Automation of processes

  • how you can help shape the architecture of high-availability and high-performance systems under the conditions of basic IT protection.

  • how you develop the next best practice together with our customers.

"I appreciate the open and fair interaction in our team. In case of questions and new challenges we support each other at any time and are happy to discuss optimizations and further developments. We implement customer projects in Managed Hosting - by being close to the projects, we promote further developments and optimizations of the product portfolio, automation and standardization are part of our everyday life."​

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