// Managed Kubernetes with Quickstart Application Templates

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With MetaKube Accelerator, you get a construction toolbox with perfectly coordinated components. With it, you can quickly get started with Kubernetes. Our support will help you make the best use of the MetaKube Accelerator toolbox.

// Curated Kubernetes Templates

With MetaKube Accelerator you will be productive faster.

With the coordinated MetaKube Accelerator modules, you make your team faster and manage your projects efficiently yourself. We use precisely these modules ourselves in the client projects we manage.

Code Repository

Based on GitLab you can manage your developed code and CI/CD pipeline.

Container Registry

With the SysEleven Container Registry you can manage your images centrally and securely.

Curated Application Templates

Pre-configured modules from our experts that work ideally together. Services such as observability, service mesh, databases, indexing, caching, backup and recovery.

Integrated Development Platform

You get everything from a single source. Central contact persons and support are available to you in full.

Onboarding and Trainings

With our Onboarding Success Packs you get support in setting up your projects

Release Automation

Our experts have created Quickstart Application Templates for you, for example for well-known software manufacturers such as PimCore, Spryker, WordPress etc., so that you can get started quickly.

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Developer Tools like Terraform, GitLab & Container Registry

Our experts have provided additional developer and DevOps tools to ensure the high demands of company-wide and cross-departmental collaboration. With the SysEleven Terraform Provider, you can control your CLI workflows. With GitLab, you have an overview of your CI/CD pipelines, and with the Container Registry, your images have a central place. 

This way, you can use other components of the Cloud Native universe without worrying about the management of the tools. You can use all tools via single sign-on with appropriate roles and rights distribution.

// Find out for yourself

How to accelerate your project with MetaKube Accelerator.

Our experts will be happy to talk to you about your Kubernetes strategy and the use of MetaKube Accelerator.


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