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Cloud Transition

Transferring applications from an on-premise solution to the public cloud offers benefits for organizations: You can significantly reduce IT spending, outsource technical risks, and gain flexibility by easily scaling cloud resources as your needs grow. At the same time, you do not need to maintain, service, or repair physical hardware.

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Cloud Transition as a Managed Service

Managed Services by SysEleven

Depending on the situation, there are various possible solutions for transitioning to the cloud. For applications that are particularly business-critical with high compliance requirements – such as ERP systems – fully managed application continuity offers the greatest possible security and peace of mind. A highly available, secure setup and lifecycle management of the application is very complex — and therefore we place it in the hands of experienced technicians and project managers. This increases your security during the transition to the cloud and lets you focus on your core business.


With our Managed Services, we take over the application continuity for you and operate your software on our certified secure cloud (ISO 27001 native and ISO 27001 pursuant to the IT baseline protection of the Federal Office for Information Security, BSI). To that end, we rely on an established network of partner agencies to complement our expertise in various software projects.

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Future-proof switch to the cloud with OpenStack

If your company needs more autonomy, cloud solutions such as OpenStack are the answer. Here you use code to define scalable setup environments on which you can deploy your applications. The advantage of OpenStack is twofold: It is industry standard and it is freely available as open source software. This gives you a high degree of independence and compatibility: You are not bound to a single provider as would be the case with proprietary solutions.


Our SysEleven stack is a 100% standards-compliant OpenStack cloud with which you can design your cloud transition. We support you with an introductory workshop for the Stack and give you predefined best-practice templates for a quick start.

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Design your Cloud Transition with good advice

Which platforms and services are suitable for which situations? How can work processes be integrated in a resource-saving manner? Our cloud consultants have over 11 years of experience in advising you on your cloud transition. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!