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Highly available & climate-neutral​

Our data centers at a glance

SysEleven has two main data centers that have successfully been in operation for over 12 years and 8 km apart from one another. Over the years, our locations have developed into one of the most important telecommunication nodes and housing centers in the region. The locations share excellent accessibility in the city as well as redundant power supply and numerous carriers between them. This makes them the best connected nodes in the entire region.

Leading connectivity and peering colocation in the city

100% reliable and secure
Both data centers shine with first-class infrastructure and the best service, including a redundant and uninterrupted power supply — including an emergency backup supply.
This also includes full climate control and 365/24/7 security on call, and much more! At all locations, you benefit from high security, modern fire safety, and a redundant and secured power supply.
Perfectly connected
Our data centers contain 16 in-house redundant physical networks. Thus they have the largest concentration of fiberoptic networks in Berlin. Both data centers are connected to important European Internet exchanges — BCIX, ECIX/Megaport, NL-IX, Community-IX — and have peers with more than 100 network providers, including private interconnects with Deutsche Telekom, Google, Microsoft, Amazon & many more.
Both of our data centers are certified by the German inspection authority TÜV under the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. Thus they satisfy all important requirements! We will gladly send you the certification!
Guaranteed climate neutral
Our data centers are operated with certified eco-friendly energy, which is drawn from 100% renewable sources — for a better CO2 balance! Both data centers are also carrier neutral — and that since 2003!

This is what it looks like in our data centers

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