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3,000+ virtual Linux servers with over 15,000 CPU cores, more than 32TB RAM and over 5PB storage – this is the foundation for our OpenStack Cloud, the SysEleven Stack. We build and run the architecture ourselves, maintain the stability and have taken up the challenge of taking our stack to the next level. The key to this is automation at all levels: be it updates, re-installs or incident handling – we never touch anything twice. By automating processes, we keep potential burdens of the past away from our architecture and save up important time that we can put into improvements.


We work on a high technical level and make sure that everyone in the team is up to date with the latest knowledge. Our customers appreciate this and therefore entrust us with their demanding projects. In order to keep on setting the tone in terms of competence, we regularly take further training in a wide variety of subject areas – sometimes also at international conferences. At events such as the OpenStack Summit in Boston or the EuroPython in Rimini, we exchange ideas with the community and bring back new ideas.

  • OpenStack
  • Python
  • Consul
  • Ansible
  • Prometheus
  • SDN: MidoNet from Midokura and OVN
  • SDS: Quobyte and Ceph
  • and more
  • Operation of the SysEleven stack, 24/7

    Design and implementation of new features

    Automation at all levels, from bare metal to application operation

    Monitoring, alerting and trending to keep track

  • Documentation and knowledge distribution for transparent access

  • which requirements an architecture must meet for business-critical applications.
  • how you can sustainably automate everything until there is nothing left of the operation.
  • how to make an OpenSource technology like OpenStack enterprise-ready.

"In a small and growing team, we are responsible for the entire product – from operation to further development. The aspect of automation in particular makes the work particularly exciting for me: We write software in such a way that we have to intervene as rarely as possible. This efficient approach is particularly important for our team because there is a large selection of construction sites that we still want to get to. It’s not always easy to keep track of things, but that’s what makes it so exciting!"

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