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On an equal footing with customers and engineers

// About Team Service Management

We take responsibility for our customers in operation

After our customers have been onboarded by the project management, the service management takes them into operation. Depending on the level of support our clients need, we put together an appropriate package. We take care of the clients’ priorities and act as an interface between them, agencies and our engineers to solve the day-to-day challenges in operating the setups.


Internally, we also manage and optimise processes to achieve the best possible customer satisfaction. Our tasks here range from coordinating maintenance work and lifecycle issues to off-boarding when ending contractual relationships. As a team, we work hand in hand and support each other, never losing sight of the joy of our very varied tasks.

  • Personal responsibility
  • Communication skills
  • Zendesk
  • Confluence
  • Odoo
  • ITIL
  • Be the direct contact person for the customer
  • Conduct jour fixe with our enterprise clients
  • To set the priorities of our customers correctly
  • To be the customer’s mouthpiece in our company
  • To contribute to the situation in a calming and solution-oriented manner in case of escalation
  • how you manage your clients on your own responsibility and provide them with satisfactory service
  • how you create a very good and cooperative relationship with the client through your communication skills
  • how you always get the best possible results for the client

"At SysEleven, I can develop my potential: I started as an IT service management clerk and have developed into a team leader. SysEleven offers the framework to familiarise myself with new topics and to continuously develop myself."

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