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Putting IT requirements into practice

Today every successful business runs through IT. But once a system is developed, it is constantly evolving. We as the Request Fulfilment help our customers: customers to put the constantly changing requirements into practice. This is how we operate state-of-the-art setups with LTS Software. With more than 40 supported services, we can put almost any requirement for an existing setup into practice.


It is not without reason that Request Fulfilment is the first station for every new SysEleven Engineer: Those who have worked here cannot avoid a steep learning curve and can rightly claim to have seen almost everything.

  • Our infrastructure consists of over 40 different services. Nginx, Apache, MySQL, Redis, Solr, Elasticsearch, Logstash, F5 BigIP, RabbitMQ and Varnish are just some of them.
    The infrastructure that manages this stack is almost as large. This includes Puppet, PuppetDB, Percona XtraDB Cluster and Gitlab. We also manage this stack.
  • Finding not only one solution for each problem but the right one
    Lifecycle management of setups.
    Performance profiling and optimization of setups.
  • which undreamt-of side effects setups with 10 different services can have.
    how logshipping paralyzes whole hardware nodes and how it does not.
    how high availability is built and further developed.

"The Request Fulfilment is available to our customers for all technical needs. Whether standardized change or complex individual solution, everything is possible as long as the result meets the customer's requirements. As a team we navigate through the daily IT madness - Nerdism not needed but welcome"​

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