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SysEleven has developed continuously since its foundation in 2007 and the “Cool Kids” of that time have now really grown up – with ever better products and the strong urge to become more and more professional. Our task in the Sales & Marketing team is to carry this message to the outside world, to make SysEleven better known and to turn interested people into enthusiastic customers. If we aren’t creating content for the online world or offers for new customers, we travel from trade shows to customer appointments, conferences and pitches. Besides flyers, presentations and the like, we always have the most sought-after give-aways – people love our hoodies!

Our team is a colorful bunch of cheerful originals: each with their very own head, but all equals (even if the physical differences in size cannot be denied). Because we all have a high degree of creative freedom and personal responsibility, our cooperation creates a dynamic with which we produce the best possible results.

  • Without mail program and telephone nothing works with us. In addition, we keep ourselves up to date with daily and regular meetings.
  • To manage our various projects, we work with tools such as Hubspot, WordPress, Youtrack, our intranet and various office and design tools from Microsoft, Apple and Adobe.
  • Some of us can even use paper and pen to sketch ideas quickly.
  • Planning and implementation of events (internal and external)
  • Website management
  • Online marketing
  • Conception and creation of presentation and advertising material
  • Customer acquisition and consulting
  • Customer management

… why marketing & sales are so special in our demanding B2B environment.

… where to find the right touchpoints and how to convince customers of SysEleven.

… how you take responsibility for your own projects in an interdisciplinary team.

… what we’re planning for the next big event.

"For us it is not only about selling a product – customer satisfaction and meaningfulness are in the foreground. Because we work in partnership with our customers, we often take on the role of consultants. This makes the job very varied and demanding. Now it is also a question of automating the sales and marketing area. This is also a challenge for us as a technology company and we are not yet making as rapid progress here as we would like. At the same time, however, it also helps us to better understand our customers’ problems, which helps us to develop new solutions with them."

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