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Numbers, Logic and Processes

We come into play when SysEleven does not move bits and bytes for a change, but Euros: As Accounting we regulate the payment transactions between companies, customers and employees. We issue invoices to customers, check and pay our own invoices and travel expenses. And of course our colleagues expect their salaries – we make sure they get them on time. To control the finances, we prepare a monthly report and compare the income and expenses with our planning.

  • For accounting we work with Datev, which is diligently fed with data by an internal tool from SysEleven.
  • With Greyhound we distribute incoming invoices.
  • We create our reports with the favourite toy of all financers: Excel
  • how you can keep our own processes up-to-date, stable and scalable with constant growth and variable business processes.
  • how you implement your own new projects in addition to your day-to-day business.
  • how you count peas creatively with us.

I am looking forward to working here every morning because I notice that the entire company is always looking for new solutions – and that presents exciting challenges for the finance sector.

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