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We provide "Bulletproof Operations"

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Development for Operations Center

Our task is the development and support of tools and services for our colleagues from the Operations and Platform team. With our tools, we enable them to do their daily work easier, faster and smoother. we make an important and essential contribution to ensure “Bulletproof Operations” at Syseleven.


Our responsibility is to extend and improve our existing software stack, which is used to create, maintain and support customer setups, but also our own infrastructure.


Our services run on the same infrastructure as those of our customers, the SysEleven stack. This allows us to support the other teams at SysEleven as valuable testers of our own products.


Quality and stability of our services are as important to us as the satisfaction of our users.


We are an ambitious team that is always open to new ideas and happy to work on solutions together. Would you like to work with us on tasks and solve them together? Then join our team! We are looking forward to meeting you and are curious about your ideas and suggestions!

  • Go, Python, Shell
  • Git, Docker
  • PostgreSQL
  • Salt, Nginx, Netbox, Gitlab
  • Kibana, Icinga, Youtrack
  • Puppet, Terraform
  • Jetbrains IDEs
  • Provide tools and services for team Operations
  • Automate internal processes
  • To share our knowledge of programming and architecture with others
  • Troubleshooting and debugging of problems
  • And to have a lot of fun doing so

"The right solution is not always easy to find; but here I have the time and the support of my team to solve problems in the best possible way."​

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