// Team Corporate IT

We make sure that our internal IT is just as first class as the IT we provide our customers.

// About Team Corporate IT

We're SysEleven's chess boxers

A day at Corporate IT is made up of a wide range of tasks, ranging from “Can you tell me where to find adapter xy1000+” to “PersistentVolume on Pod 42 is filling up — can you please take a look?” We are the chess boxers of SysEleven: Every floor tank in the office knows us well while at the same time we dive deep into code and configs.


As first responders and helpful contact persons for all problems with office IT, we operate (almost) all applications on which internal processes at SysEleven depend, and we develop them further. As a result, there is no team at SysEleven that knows the names of its members better because we really get to know each other during onboarding

  • MacBooks and ThinkPads, respectively with macOS and Ubuntu
  • Self-hosted tools like Confluence, Youtrack, Gitlab, Nextcloud, Rocketchat, Telephonie, Filewave, and Odoo
  • Self-hosted infrastructure like LDAP, mail server, and Radius
  • All of which is highly available on Ubuntu VMs, Docker, and Kubernetes, automated with Puppet and Gitlab CIs
  • We have a ready room without fixed hours in the office, where we are available by appointment
  • We have a sympathetic ear for all teams at SysEleven when the technology doesn’t work the way it should
  • We put our heads together and constantly evaluate to make neglected processes scalable
  • We stay curious and constantly train and learn
  • We’re ready for (almost) any joke and like to work with people and computers

"I like to have my head in everything and solve problems directly when and where they arise. You can do that at CIT and you're directly involved everywhere, so you're always on the cutting edge, both humanly and technologically."

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You will find us in beautiful Friedrichshain

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