// Berlin, 9 November 2022

SysEleven: MetaKube Operator makes running Kubernetes easier

  • Berlin-based provider is now a cloud service provider with a comprehensive Kubernetes portfolio
  • Fully GDPR-compliant service with option to connect to hyperscaler architectures

The cloud service provider SysEleven has rounded out its managed Kubernetes portfolio with the release of “MetaKube Operator” today. Companies and agencies that develop container-based applications for themselves and their customers need a scalable and secure Kubernetes platform for their cloud-native solutions. With MetaKube Operator, they now get a solution that allows them to fully focus on their software projects, all while SysEleven takes responsibility for the 24/7 operation of the underlying Kubernetes platform.

With this step, SysEleven has completed its service package: With “MetaKube Core”, you the customer have full control over selection and configuration of the setup, while SysEleven’s “MetaKube Accelerator” enables you to individually pre-select the components and makes sure that they are compatible. With MetaKube Operator, SysEleven takes over the complete operation of the Kubernetes solution on behalf of the customer.

“With the launch of MetaKube Operator, SysEleven is now one of the first providers for 24/7 operation of cloud-native applications. Given the complexity of Kubernetes and the wide-ranging shortage skills and resources, SysEleven is now bundling its long-standing Kubernetes expertise into a comprehensive service that enables you to modernize your IT infrastructure quickly,” said Marc Korthaus, CEO of SysEleven. “Market feedback for our previous services has been consistently positive: If organizations want to leverage GDPR-compliant cloud infrastructures without vendor lock-in and with full control over their data, thanks to our solutions, we are on the shortlist.”

The trinity of MetaKube Core, Accelerator, and Operator

The framework’s technical foundation is MetaKube Core, a GDPR-compliant managed Kubernetes service. When using it, customers do not need to maintain their own infrastructure for operations. MetaKube Accelerator builds on this to provide an integrated environment for deploying Kubernetes clusters with a cloud-native toolchain, where application developers assemble complete setups from curated software building blocks. As a semi-automated solution, it is suitable for customers who want to build their own cloud-native software projects on a working setup with tried and tested components and base applications. With MetaKube Operator, SysEleven goes a step further by taking responsibility for 24/7 operations, which makes Kubernetes a viable option for customers without their own DevOps sites. For more information about MetaKube Operator, visit https://www.syseleven.de/en/products-services/metakube-operator/.

About SysEleven

SysEleven GmbH serves over 250 customers in the DACH market and employs over 120 people. As a cloud and Kubernetes managed service provider, SysEleven specializes in the operation of distributed and business-critical systems and the rapid scaling of workloads. The wholly owned subsidiary of Germany’s leading cybersecurity company secunet supports organizations that want to complete their transformation to cloud native and value speed, flexibility and autonomy. The service portfolio consists of comprehensive services, which range from concept consulting and Kubernetes training to fully managed operations. At the heart of the vertical technology stack is “MetaKube”, a managed Kubernetes offering that enables organizations to develop and operate web-based software products. Since 2018, SysEleven has been a member of the Cloud Computing Native Foundation (CNCF) and a certified Kubernetes provider.


SysEleven places great importance on data privacy and digital sovereignty. All solutions are therefore hosted exclusively in ISO 27001-certified German data centers, enabling customers and partners to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/DSVGO). The company, founded in 2007, offers a range of services that includes: Managed Cloud Services, an OpenStack Public Cloud, Managed Kubernetes, and various network services. Customers include Schiesser, Intersport, DFS Aviation Services, Babymarkt, FTAPI, Staffbase, Berlin Senate Administration, VHV Versicherungen, and Golem.de.

For more information, visit https://www.syseleven.de/en.

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