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Sys11 Stack: SysEleven developing an OpenStack hosting platform

Next-generation managed hosting based on OpenStack​

  • Advantages: Shortened deployment cycles, high flexibility, open interfaces
  • Currently in alpha
  • More details about Sys11 Stack on 25 September 2015 at the SysEleven Conference in Berlin

SysEleven is a leading managed hosting provider in Germany. With Sys11 Stack, SysEleven is creating a new hosting platform based on OpenStack. Sys11 Stack provides the platform for a new generation of managed hosting solutions. This hosting platform makes possible a modern, completely automated cloud setup. The goal is to drastically shorten the gap between developing new functions and deploying the product. Furthermore, it greatly simplifies bugfixes and increases flexibility in working together.


Sys11 Stack is currently in alpha. SysEleven has a team of ten OpenStack experts who are tasked with the development of Sys11 Stack. Details about Sys11 Stack will be presented at the SysEleven Conference in Berlin on 25 September 2015.


OpenStack: the basis for Sys11 Stack

SysEleven is developing Sys11 Stack based on OpenStack, an open source platform for building cloud solutions. In contrast to other platforms, OpenStack has the advantage of rapid development. Furthermore, OpenStack offers a solid foundation of interfaces that for the most part are compatible with the application programming interfaces (APIs) of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Additionally, OpenStack is written in Python, which greatly simplifies identifying and debugging problems.

Sys11 Stack: Advantages for clients

Sys11 Stack’s basic advantage is that clients have direct access to a very flexible platform with open interfaces and can build on it — regardless of whether it is connecting a public SysEleven cloud or hybrid clouds together. Up until now, clients had access to their servers, but the platform could only be managed by SysEleven directly, because the needed external APIs were not available. Thanks to Sys11 Stack and its opening up direct access to the platform, users can now work much more freely. SysEleven now makes a personalized level of management possible: from pure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) through Platform as a Service (PaaS) — though here the clients manage their systems themselves while using the complete Sys11 Stack — up to a complete managed solution, DevOps as a Service (DaaS).


Jens Ihlenfeld, managing director of SysEleven GmbH, emphasizes: “We want to combine the best ideas of many different providers. That way we can offer our clients a truly comprehensive solution. We don’t just stop at the platform, because the ability to adopt new developments in operations quickly will be a decisive factor for succeeding in the future. Exactly here is where Sys11 Stack hits the sweet spot and offers a complete solution for rapid deployment.”

About SysEleven

SysEleven was founded by Marc Korthaus in 2007. Currently SysEleven employs over 100 people. Since 2018, it is a member of the Cloud Native Foundation and is a certified Kubernetes provider. SysEleven provides a vertically integrated technology stack that includes managed cloud services, an OpenStack public cloud, Kubernetes as a Service, and network and carrier services — upon request solely in German data centers. More information is at www.syseleven.de/en

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