// Berlin, 5 May 2021

SysEleven launches beta for its Kubernetes framework "MetaKube Accelerator"

  • A new dawn in managed hosting: more speed and autonomy for Cloud Native
  • Quickly assemble application packages for cloud and virtualization operations
  • High flexibility, secure updates, and digital sovereignty

The Kubernetes specialist SysEleven is powering a new dawn in managed hosting with its beta version of “MetaKube Accelerator,” unveiled today at KubeCon. The framework enables organizations to create software projects within a very short time, package them as containers, and run them in the cloud environments of their choice. The operation works like a classic software catalog: Application developers select the basic applications and services they need, define the setup as code via a graphical user interface, add their solutions, and end up with a working setup. SysEleven takes over the provision of security updates, pre-run tests for compatibility, and integration capability of the (open source) applications.


“With this new tool, we have very greatly simplified the setup and management of cloud native applications running on Kubernetes,” said Marc Korthaus, founder and CEO of SysEleven. “With the launch of the beta of MetaKube Accelerator, we’re giving Cloud Native providers the opportunity to try out an innovative product at an early stage while also freeing them from routine tasks and speeding up their processes.” The beta is available now and you can try it out for free at https://www.syseleven.de/en/products-services/metakube-accelerator/


“In the last few years, our experience has shown that our customers increasingly want to use Kubernetes for their projects so that they can benefit from its flexible deployment options. However, at the same time, the effort required to maintain and operate Kubernetes platforms kept them from using it. With MetaKube Accelerator, those days will be over,” adds Korthaus. “We’re powering a new dawn in managed hosting, where our customers can use Kubernetes to greatly reduce their operational overhead and deploy more autonomously while we include our best practices.”

About MetaKube Accelerator

The technical foundation of the framework is MetaKube Core, a GDPR-compliant managed Kubernetes product. With MetaKube, customers do not need to deploy their own infrastructure to run their project. MetaKube Accelerator builds on this to provide an integrated environment in which application developers can assemble complete setups from curated software building blocks. These are available as “Building Blocks” and contain things like:

  • Life cycle management for minor and security patches
  • Release automation, which lets you restore a defined operating state at any time
  • A data interface that forwards various operating parameters to other building blocks, such as implementing important core functionalities like alerting and monitoring.

Customers do not have to worry about compatibility problems between individual building blocks: SysEleven performs all the necessary checks in advance and updates them continuously to ensure error-free updates. In this way, the provider relieves the development teams of a huge burden. MetaKube Accelerator is particularly suitable for companies that offer their customers Cloud Native applications (web-based software from the cloud). Agencies that have a tight turnaround for many high-performance projects for their customers’ online business can also benefit from MetaKube Accelerator. More details about SysEleven’s new framework are here: https://www.syseleven.de/en/products-services/metakube-accelerator/

About SysEleven

SysEleven is a leading cloud and Kubernetes service provider specializing in the operation of distributed and mission-critical systems and the rapid scaling of workloads. The company supports organizations that want to complete their transformation to cloud native and value speed, flexibility and autonomy. Its service portfolio consists of comprehensive services – starting with concept consulting, setting up test environments, training, and full-managed operations. At the heart of the vertical technology stack is the managed Kubernetes product “MetaKube”, which enables organizations to develop and operate web-based software products. SysEleven strongly emphasizes data protection and digital sovereignty. All solutions are therefore hosted exclusively in German data centers certified under ISO 27001. This enables customers and partners to comply with the German Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/DSVGO) out of the box. The range of services includes Managed Cloud Services, an OpenStack Public Cloud, and Managed Kubernetes, along with various other network and carrier services.


SysEleven GmbH, a Berlin-based company, was founded in 2007 by Marc Korthaus, who ever since has been managing director along with Jens Ihlenfeld. It employs over 100 people. Its customers include well-known brands such as Babymarkt, Schiesser, Intersport, DFS Aviation Services, FTAPI, Staffbase, Senatsverwaltung Berlin, brand eins, and Golem.de. For more information, please visit https://www.syseleven.de/en

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