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SysEleven sets the pace for digital infrastructure in Berlin​

  • SysEleven operates its own fiberoptic network in Berlin
  • Fast network of data centers with 320 Gbit/s bandwidth
  • Faster and more cost-effective Internet than at established providers
  • Direct dedicated lines to the Internet with guaranteed 1,000 Mbit/s for business clients
  • Open peering policy for cost-free data exchange between providers

Berlin is known as a city of creative startups and dynamic IT firms. These companies can only work successfully if they have a fast Internet connection. SysEleven GmbH, one of the leading managed hosting providers in Germany, sees that a lot of catching up is needed. That’s why SysEleven is driving the expansion of digital infrastructure by operating its own fiberoptic networks and connecting their endpoints with its technologies. SysEleven is therefore the only mid-level provider that can not only set up a hosting infrastructure for its clients in just a few days, but also can provide a direct and fast dedicated line to the Internet at a low price.

Fast and direct fiberoptic connections to offices or campuses

Alongside point-to-point connections between data centers, SysEleven offers its clients direct dedicated lines to the Internet with a guaranteed bandwidth of at least 1,000 Mbit/s up and down. This connection is perfect for individual offices and companies. For campus buildings with multiple startups, SysEleven offers even higher bandwidth of 10,000 Mbit/s. In both cases, a subcontractor lays a fiberoptic cable directly to SysEleven’s data centers. On the campus, a router shares out the bandwidth between the various offices. The advantage: Unlike with larger providers, clients don’t have to share bandwidth with other companies, but rather each gets dedicated bandwidth on their own direct line to the data center with no limit on speed or volume.


The dedicated line saves extra routing jumps through other server nodes and thus speeds up Internet traffic — and that at reasonable prices. Established providers are generally far more costly. Jon Little, CTO of Verivox GmbH, confirms it: “For the Berlin location, Verivox has found a strong partner that gives us the infrastructure that we need. We found what we wanted with SysEleven. They helped us with the planning, commissioning, and installation off the fiberoptic line with transparent communication and a strong commitment. We at Verivox are very pleased to work with SysEleven in the future.”

Networking data centers together

Using its fiberoptic lines, SysEleven also connects its own data centers. These are distributed across Berlin in six locations. Thanks to cutting-edge Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex (DWDM) transfer technology, in each direction between two locations, very high bandwidths of up to 320 Gbit/s are possible. SysEleven offers this same service to other clients and Internet providers who want to make their own data centers redundant and connect them together safe from downtimes.


Peering: free exchange of data with other Internet providers

Along with the physical expansion of the fiberoptic network, SysEleven is also setting the pace in peering — the cost-free exchange of data with other providers’ networks. For example, the direct connection of networks takes place at the major Internet exchange nodes DE-CIX, BCIX, and AMS-IX in Frankfurt, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Through peering, a finely grained network of various providers is created that shortens routes, increases speeds, and makes the Internet more robust as a whole — all while lowering prices.


Jens Ihlenfeld, managing director of SysEleven GmbH and founder of the news platform golem.de, has this to say: “In the meantime, we are working together with over 150 providers on peering. We are working hard on getting the larger carriers on board. Thanks to peering, we not only achieve higher speeds and greater stability, but also a major reduction in loads of large parts of the Internet’s infrastructure. Furthermore, within this peering network, strict net neutrality is enforced so that all data is transported quickly and no client is placed at a disadvantage. SysEleven GmbH is emphatically in favor of peering and the protection of full net neutrality without compromise.”

About SysEleven

SysEleven was founded by Marc Korthaus in 2007. Currently SysEleven employs over 100 people. Since 2018, it is a member of the Cloud Native Foundation and is a certified Kubernetes provider. SysEleven provides a vertically integrated technology stack that includes managed cloud services, an OpenStack public cloud, Kubernetes as a Service, and network and carrier services — upon request solely in German data centers. More information is at www.syseleven.de/en

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