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SysEleven supports sysadmins with expertise & resources​

On 31 July, the 15th annual SysAdmin Day takes place. System administrators (sysadmins) are responsible for making sure IT systems run smoothly. Data must be secure, servers must stay available, applications must be productive — otherwise revenue, company image, and profits all suffer. Many sysadmins struggle with this tall order and often can provide only a basic level of functionality to meet the challenges. At the same time, they often lack time and know-how to meet such demands. As a specialized service provider, SysEleven’s sysadmins can take a load off the shoulders of your team and resources — and help make sure your clients have high performance and economical applications.


Flexible and powerful hosting

SysEleven’s hosting pros don’t just provide servers and applications, they want to fully understand their clients’ applications. Together with the sysadmin, they find the best solution to make your applications perform efficiently, economically, and securely. Thanks to years of concentration on the optimization of applications, SysEleven’s admins are well aware of the typical problems of common applications and proactively stamp out bugs right off the bat. The client’s admins can then concentrate on maintaining and customizing client-specific enhancements.


SysEleven offers managed hosting and provides its clients with a private cloud with virtual machines. With that, systems can be scaled up or down as needed during operations to react quickly to load peaks or other problems. In particular adjusting to load peaks is normally only possible with very costly efforts and causes many headaches for admins. Thanks to its elastic cloud structure, SysEleven can rapidly and flexibly react to sudden heightened requirements and assign more resources to unplanned increases in demand. That relieves your company of financial pressure and unburdens your admins enormously.


Reach us at any time: Professional support guaranteed

SysEleven offers 365/24/7 support with guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) backed by a team of capable and experienced admins. They take care of maintaining services, updating operating systems and libraries, and make profiles. In other words, they are proactive, act in the interests of the client, and prevent problems from even occurring. In case there is a bug in the system, then highly competent contact people are available at any time. That way we offer a further pillar of support to admins in your company who knows they can call upon our technical expertise whenever they need it. That means that our SysEleven admins won’t have the day off on 31 July — but it’s good news for our clients: that way maybe it’ll all work out with the office party on SysAdmin Day.

About SysEleven

SysEleven was founded by Marc Korthaus in 2007. Currently SysEleven employs over 100 people. Since 2018, it is a member of the Cloud Native Foundation and is a certified Kubernetes provider. SysEleven provides a vertically integrated technology stack that includes managed cloud services, an OpenStack public cloud, Kubernetes as a Service, and network and carrier services — upon request solely in German data centers. More information is at www.syseleven.de/en

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