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Tideways is an Application-Performance-Monitoring (APM) solution with built-in profiler and automated error tracking for PHP-based e-commerce-systems like OXID, Shopware or Magento. Tideways offers detailed insights into your site’s performance from fronted and backend to background processes. In addition to a weekly report and overview over your performance, you have the possibility to analyze single database queries or functions in detail.

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Well-known customers and partners like Sixt Drive Now, Shopmacher or Spryker trust Tideways’ unique combination of Profiling, Monitoring and Exception Tracking.

These are the Benefits:

  • smooth integration with automatic analysis (no further installation or code changes required)
  • weekly reporting to detect tendencies within your performance
  • continous monitoring with intelligent data segmentation (shops, languages, backend or frontend…)
  • automated regularly profiling with detailed performance data of outlying requests
  • multiple options to prioritize profiling data based on your own criteria
  • automated recognition of errors with precise and detailed leads to causes and bugfixing tips

SysEleven and Tideways both strive to optimize the performance of e-commerce-systems. Together we can offer our clients the best possible service.

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