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Using Kubernetes across cloud provider boundaries:

MetaKube by SysEleven

MetaKube takes responsibility. Our experts take charge of your container operations so you can concentrate on your actual workload.

With MetaKube, you enjoy the full freedom to choose. Whether you choose an on premises solution, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud — you always make the right choice. For your business — now and in the future.

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MetaKube is:

  • Kubernetes as a Service with managed components
  • Scalable: Tested with up to 2,400 CPUs per cluster
  • High availability up to 99.999%
  • Fully automatic updates
  • The highest usability thanks to the MetaKube Dashboard
  • Time to market in 30 minutes
Worldclass Tooling: OEM independent

Regardless of which technology you need for your business, we provide you with the features of tomorrow with MetaKube.

For example from…:

  • AWS
  • Heptio Ark
  • Helm
  • Magnolia
  • HashiCorp

This is how we understand Managed Kubernetes as a Service. By using MetaKube by SysEleven, you stay independent of individual technology suppliers — and are ready for the future.

Additionally, we provide you with SaaS solutions like a load balancer as well as solutions for backup and recovery.

Supreme Service: proactive and sustainable

For SysEleven, our service is not “just” in reaction to a request. Rather it is the tool to find and take the best path, and it is a vital part of MetaKube.

Your MetaKube service components include:

  • Lifecycle management: MetaKube contains a complete lifecycle management that takes care of your Kubernetes cluster’s software updates.
  • Direct contact to the MetaKube engineering team.
  • E-mail and telephone support at no additional cost.
  • MetaKube Kubernetes tutorials that are always up to date and are highly valued by our customers.
  • One-on-one consultations with our globally recognized experts.
Carefree Usage: 30 min time-to-market
  • In less than five minutes, you can have your first Kubernetes cluster, and in 30 minutes your application is up and running.
  • Deployment, scaling, and data restore are fully automated.
  • Included integration of your CI/CD pipelines to get all the advantages of automation.
  • MetaKube’s Dashboard GUI makes cluster administration simple.
  • Up to date always and everywhere with MetaKube Documentation.
  • High-availability solutions for container orchestration: All components are designed for maximum availability.
  • Continuous optimization of MetaKube based on the principles of SRE.

That means you benefit from all standard Kubernetes features:

  • Automated bin packing of containers across all instances.
  • Automated rollout whenever there are changes in the application or configuration. Should an error occur, Kubernetes performs a rollback.
  • Automatic scaling of applications with a simple command or as an automated response to CPU loads.Storage orchestration and self healing supports many different storage providers, classes, and APIs. Depending on demand, containers are restarted, deleted, or replaced by Kubernetes.
  • Service discovery: All services and endpoints receive their own DNS name. Kubernetes can distribute queries amongst them as soon as there are changes to the application or configuration. Should an error occur, Kubernetes performs a rollback.

100% independence for you. MetaKube for:

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SysEleven Stack

Data protection in accordance with ISO 27001 thanks to certified SysEleven data centers.
The latest and most open technology based on OpenStack.

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services – Take advantage of all the feature innovations. You manage all your clusters through MetaKube’s central login.


Microsoft Azure

Create your clusters and select from a total of 8 regions in Europe - all centrally in the MetaKube Dashboard.

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On Premises

Container in the cellar:
The security of your data center is improved with all MetaKube advantages.

30 Days MetaKube Trial

Managed Kubernetes aaS mit MetaKube:

MetaKube API

Your developers can benefit from ever greater automation. That’s why we provide them with a MetaKube REST API. Use an API token to manage your MetaKube Cluster using our REST API. With it, you can create new clusters as well as call up information about existing clusters at any time. You can easily download the API token from the MetaKube Dashboard.

>> To the MetaKube Dashboard

Clear advantages for business influencers

As an independent and central cloud integrator, we work together with you to fill your clients’ needs.

  • Managed Kubernetes with MetaKube has the following advantages for you:
  • Make the most of the cloud. MetaKube scales cloud resources automatically to meet your avalanche of visitors. Regardless of CPU time, requests per second, or median response time.
  • Be closer to your customers. MetaKube makes it possible to provide your clusters flexibly and internationally, such as with AWS, and for the German market in particular with SysEleven Stack.
  • More independence. In the digital world, those who rapidly adapt are those who succeed. And because no one can say for certain which software or which cloud service provider or which tools will set the tone of tomorrow, MetaKube lets you integrate any service provider.
  • More certified standards. MetaKube is standards compliant. It has been tested in every version of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation standard, and has received its seal of approval.
  • More productivity. MetaKube lets you focus on the essentials. Your developers develop your software — without wasting time on integration, maintenance, or updates to important services.
  • More load efficiency. With a well-managed Kubernetes cluster, you save resources and therefore costs. MetaKube helps your team find the optimal load.
Clear advantages for decision makers

With MetaKube, you develop software faster. SysEleven helps you because it is an independent and central cloud integrator, always with the latest features and tools from well known suppliers.

  • Managed Kubernetes with MetaKube has the following advantages for you:
  • More power: With MetaKube, you don’t have a chatbot on the other end of the line, but a real SRE who will talk to you as an equal partner and help you get results fast.
  • More speed in decision making: With the self-explanatory GUI, there are no hurdles to you getting your own cluster in under ten minutes.
  • More collaboration: Set up your cluster as a project and invite your colleagues to work in parallel or to watch the development unfold. 
  • More fun with Kubernetes: We take care of the “unfun” parts of Kubernetes for you — from life cycle management to backups to monitoring.
  • More multi-cloud support: With MetaKube, you install Kubernetes across different cloud providers and regions – without a jungle of accounts and from a central dashboard.

  • More convenience: With the Kubernetes base features, you install your applications and services from your environment with a high-availability Rest API – manually or fully automated.

  • More know-how: Complete and faster tutorials — from techies for techies.

  • More certified standards: MetaKube is standards compliant. It has been tested in every version of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation standard, and has received its seal of approval.

  • More improvement: Continuous optimization of MetaKube based on the principles of SRE.

  • More community: Thanks to SysEleven’s active participation in creating the Kubernetes codebase, MetaKube users get all the advantages of Kubernetes services and functions. For example, DNS from Kubernetes, the Kubernetes dashboard, kubectl command line tools, and more.

Total flexibility with our MetaKube Add-Ons

The Jetstack Cert Manager makes it possible to automatically create and expand SSL/TLS certificates with Let’s Encrypt. You can also  seamlessly integrate it into the Ingress controller, so you can automatically create certificates for Ingress resources.

With the External DNS Service, you can easily integrate and synchronize OpenStack Designate, AWS Route53, Cloudflare, and many other DNS providers.

The log management Add-On installs a Loki log management stack that integrates into the Grafana instance from the Monitoring Add-On.

In the Web-based Kubernetes UI, you can serve your containerized applications, debug them, and manage your cluster resources.

Using the Service Mesh in LinkerD, you can manage and monitor all traffic between your services. This helps you to optimize communication between your services and minimize downtimes.

The NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller provides your MetaKube Cluster with a load balancer that has SSL/TLS endpoints for all your Ingress resources.

With Managed Prometheus , we offer your DevOps team a simple way to provide and configure Prometheus, Grafana, and alert managers. Thanks to the included Prometheus Operator, this service is HA-capable.

RabbitMQ can be easily installed as a MetaKube Add-On. It supports multiple messaging protocols and can be deployed in distributed and federated configurations to meet high availability requirements.

With Redis, we provide you with a highly available key-value database that can be used as in-memory storage or messaging queue.

Managed Secrets with Vault: Store, secure, and monitor access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption codes to protect your secrets and other sensitive data. That means maximum security with a roles and permissions module already installed.

With this add-on, we offer you a range of backup tools to secure your Kubernetes resources and applications. With Velero (formerly Heptio Ark), you can always benefit from your Kubernetes resources, including persistently saving and restoring storage.

With Weave Scope, you can display all pods, services, and cluster resources easily and in real time.

The Web Terminal gives you command line access to your cluster and OpenStack resources right in your browser.

Containers in Germany.
SysEleven is a leader since 2009.

  • Globally recognized experts on the SysEleven team
  • SysEleven is a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  • Strong partners develop custom solutions especially for you and operate them with us
  • SysEleven operates its own cloud with the SysEleven Stack in its own data center compliant with ISO standards.

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