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SysEleven Container Registry

This multi-tenancy solution can be used immediately without installation to securely store, use and manage container images and helm charts.

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Private Container Registry

SysEleven offers a centrally managed Private Registry to all MetaKube. Thus, SysEleven Container Registry meets the high requirements of companies that use MetaKube company-wide and across departments. The SysEleven Container Registry is another building block in the use of Kubernetes technology that you no longer need to worry about.

More security and auditing

Prevent the use of foreign containers from unknown sources with MetaKube Private Registry and protect your images and helm charts from unauthorized access. Track all transactions in the repositories to track unwanted actions to meet compliance requirements.

Consumption-dependent pricing & deletion of unused content

With SysEleven you only pay for the actual use of storage capacity and traffic. There is no basic fee. Start scripts that automatically remove unnecessary elements in the registry to save costs.

Full integration into your CI/CD

The API allows you to access your Private Registry to accelerate your deployment processes of Dev, Stage and Production.


Customers using MetaKube Operator can already use LDAP via SysEleven SSO.

More independence

SysEleven ensures the availability of the MetaKube Private Registry. So you do not have to make your workflows dependent on the availability of another external service provider. In case of a malfunction, you only use one telephone number and you will be helped.

More speed through local availability

The high-performance SysEleven network and a fast storage ensure faster image transfer and thus more efficient deployment processes. Developers now have to wait less and can work more concentrated.

Best overview & clarity

In a graphical interface you manage your images, helm charts and projects. Alternatively, this can of course also be done via RESTful API(s).

Integration into MetaKube

The SysEleven Single-Sign-On also allows access to the MetaKube Private Registry. The cumbersome and potentially insecure use of different accounts and passwords is a thing of the past.

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