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Over 11 years of experience for your business applications

The demand for safe and reliable operation is especially high in sensitive business applications. For a high degree of control over various factors, it is possible to operate such business-critical applications “on the premises” – provided that the necessary resources are available: that includes personnel and know-how for operation, development, security, hardware, premises, and more.

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For good reasons like these, companies use the cloud for their applications:

  • There is no need to buy, set up, maintain, replace and expand hardware.
  • The difficult search for competent personnel is no longer needed.
  • It is easier to operate the application with high availability.
  • The setup scales within minutes instead of days.
  • The cost effectiveness of the cloud is superior to an on premises solution.
  • You have more time to concentrate on your core business.

Cloud offerings based on OpenStack are suitable for the operation of enterprise applications by your own IT department: You can use them to define your own virtual data center using code and scale it flexibly. We support our customers with our OpenStack-based cloud, called the SysEleven Stack. For a quick introduction to the topic, we offer workshops and predefined templates for common setups.

Managed Services for Full Application Continuity

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We have over 11 years of experience in the operation and lifecycle management of applications. That’s why we know the sensitive points that affect secure and highly available provisioning. For the operation of your business application, we study your project intensively in order to understand it well and to offer you the matching best practices.

To ensure a smooth process, we provide you with project managers who deeply understand the technology to create a virtualized setup that fits your company’s application. To that end, we rely on various measures that support stable, secure, and high-performance operations. These include distributed setup components for higher reliability and virtual networks for regulated access rights.

Our service level agreements guarantee uptimes of up to 99.9% and respond to changes via our service management. For the lifecycle management of the application, we work together with one of our experienced partner agencies that specialize in application development, should that be necessary. At SysEleven, your application and your data are located in data centers in Berlin, therefore German law and strict data protection regulations apply. To meet these especially demanding security requirements, our data centers are certified according to ISO 27001 native.

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