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SysEleven & Bare.ID

After none of the Hyerscalers could meet Bare.ID's requirements, the IAM and SSO specialist decided to entrust its Kubernetes environment to German cloud and Kubernetes provider SysEleven.

SysEleven & alfaview

With MetaKube, alfaview now has a powerful and highly scalable cloud infrastructure on which the company can operate its video conferencing solution while being able to add further resources at any time.

SysEleven & FarmFacts

Using Managed Kubernetes, FarmFacts wanted to create a high-performance and flexible IT infrastructure for their agriculture solutions that would allow them to quickly process seasonally fluctuating data volumes.

SysEleven & NTT

In addition to their two existing regions in Berlin, SysEleven established a third, georedundant region in one of the latest buildings at Frankfurt 1 data center in 2021.


With f5 and NGINX at our side, we can offer and guarantee our customers high availability, security and scalability for their cloud environments.


Learn how we improved our IaaS flexibility with HCI and Intel® technology and saved 75% of the TCO for shared storage within 5 years.

Cloud Native Transformation: The radar screen speaks Cloud Native

Together with DFS Aviation Services, we will tell you how the path to Cloud Native went for the air navigation service provider.


Cloud Native Transformation: Cloud Native under power

Together with ifesca we provide insights and experiences from the last 3.5 years and the path from Infrastructure as Code to Cloud Native.


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