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MetaKube: Kubernetes as a Service

MetaKube takes responsibility. Because our experts secure your container operations while you concentrate fully on your actual workload.

Getting Started

Create your first MetaKube Cluster in a few steps. The MetaKube Dashboard guides you step by step.


MetaKube supports cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, SysEleven OpenStack Cloud and On-Premises.

Backup & Restore

Here you can find our detailed tutorial on backup and restore and how to automate it.

Pod Autoscaling

Here you can find a guide for Pod Autoscaling. Metrics servers and configurations are already delivered by default.


Our Kubernetes experts are at your disposal. You can reach us at any time by e-mail and 24/7 in the customer ticket system.

SysEleven Stack: Public OpenStack Cloud

With SysEleven Stack – based on OpenStack – you can create an entire setup quickly and cost-efficiently via the command line or templates. We provide you with a shared, hyper-convergent infrastructure from Berlin data centers as public cloud and support you with our documentation.

First Steps

We show how to launch a single instance with preinstalled OpenStack Client via the Horizon Dashboard (GUI).

Create Load Balancer

OpenStack offers load balancing through Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS). We show you here how to create the LBaaS.

Use DNS as a Service

We familiarize you with the functionality and features of the DNS service of the SysEleven stack.

Import SSH-Key

Learn how to import an SSH key via Horizon or the OpenStack client.

Create VPN (as a Service)

In this tutorial you will create two separate networks in different regions and connect them together.


Our cloud experts are ready to help you. You can reach us at any time by e-mail and 24/7 in the customer ticket system.

SysEleven Managed Services

In cooperation with technology providers and agencies, we use best practices to design the right server setup for you, which is the basis for the lifecycle management of the software used.

Our Services

Our cloud-based SysEleven Managed Hosting offers you differentiated services from experts in various fields.


Elasticsearch can cover a variety of use cases. A REST-API can be used for configuration as well as data retrieval. 

Backup & Restore

SysEleven daily backs up the server relevant file subsystem of all virtual servers in your setup. During the restore process a restore is performed from a backup.


PostgreSQL is a powerful database system. SysEleven uses the original software from the PostgreSQL Global Development Group for core functionality.


Redis is a universal data storage for structured data, which holds it mainly in the primary memory (RAM) of a server. A key is used to access the stored data object. 


Our experts are at your disposal. You can reach us at any time by e-mail and 24/7 in the customer ticket system.

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