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Powerful and Agile Enterprise Content Management

Magnolia is an enterprise content management system that’s built for demanding multi-channel, multi-language and multi-site digital experience scenarios.

// Magnolia

Manage your entire digital presence from one flexible platform.

Used by hundreds of enterprises around the world, it provides:

A robust and reliable platform for multi-everything digital experiences. Easy authoring tools that enable marketing teams to innovate. High-productivity development tools that empower front-end and back-end developers

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Ready for Your Digital Challenges

Easy Integration

Connect Magnolia to your choice of e-commerce and digital marketing tools using custom or pre-built integrations.

Multi Store

Present multiple stores under a single brand umbrella to create a unified shopping experience.

High Scalability

Magnolia offers unlimited scalability, clustering and load-balancing to ensure rapid website response, even during high-traffic shopping events.

Easy of Use

Magnolia’s focus on usability and simplicity means content authors can start creating mobile-ready, powerful content within minutes.

// Features at a Glance

Magnolia Provides All The Options

Headless CMS

Magnolia has the robust features needed for enterprise-scale multi-everything digital experiences.

Robust integration capabilities let you enjoy the benefits of headless while still building on your existing solutions.

Fetch content, create assets and much more using our flexible REST API. A built-in API explorer makes development easy.

Our open, modular architecture lets you adapt Magnolia to meet your current requirements and future needs.

Engaging personalization

Magnolia’s personalization tools build on the easy-to-use authoring tools, making personalizing content as easy as creating it.

Combine features to produce campaigns driven by date and visitor demographics.

Integrate your CRM with Magnolia to give customers great experiences based on what you know about them.

Personalize one part of one page or deliver a unique experience for every visitor.

Sebastian Stang
Associate Sales Manager, Magnolia
"A robust and flexible CMS goes hand in hand with a reliable hosting partner to run, tune and scale the instances—that’s why SysEleven is our preferred hosting partner for all kind of projects in Germany."
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