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We, the team of ScaleCommerce, operate a high-performance platform, specialized in enterprise projects in e-commerce. We focus on the combination of best practices, individual analyses and a powerful, scalable operation.

Our philosophy is to make the knowledge and processes of successful e-commerce players tangible for our customers. That we make available in a complete solution. We call this a turnkey best-practice solution.


We attach great importance to understanding our customers’ software. The best practices on the platform are the necessary foundation. The profiling and monitoring tools installed there provide the content for optimizations. The goal are: extremely fast shops. We achieve the greatest performance gain when server technology and application development are perfectly coordinated – and this applies to every setup.

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How to Work with ScaleCommerce

Most customers come to us with two motivations. The first: A relaunch with exciting growth figures is planned. The second: The shop has a bad performance. Please imagine the second variant: Your shop is too slow and breaks down too often. That hurts! Your goal is a faster and fail-safe shop.

How do we help you to ensure that the shop runs and converts successfully in real time?

In the first step, we provide our 20 best practices for the current setup – for example DDoS protection, image resizing, CDN and autoscaling. Once all tools are installed, your shop is already faster than before – guaranteed. These tools are essential for the next step, the individual workshop. Together with you and your team, we will analyse the entire shop over two days. After that we will have found the bottlenecks of the setup. Another result is a to-do list with different tasks in order to optimize the setup, including priorities and responsibilities.


We summarize for you: We achieve the best performance possible when best practices are installed and when we examine the performance individually. We remove bottlenecks together and consistently. Only when software and server technology are profoundly coordinated, the potential of the shop can be fully exploited.


Do you want to see our performance? On Facebook you find lots of graphs of response times before and after our work.

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Everything from a single source

Only when software and server technology are optimally coordinated, the potential of the shop can be fully exploited. We guarantee this result with our USPs:

Best-practice Platform

Our all-you-can-eat solution ensures high-performance operations. This solution is maintained by us, we install updates, expand the portfolio and provide 24/7 support.

Performance Optimization

We are interested in the application. Our tools are a source for working with our customers’ technical teams. In workshops we work together to optimize the setup and plan relaunches.

Engineering Expertise

Operations during high loads such as TV spots are our masterpiece. Our autoscaling adjusts the need, our technicians analyze the load to act effectively. We love fast shops.

Application Expertise

Our team has an excellent understanding of PHP shop systems such as OXIDeSales, Shopware, Spryker and Magento.

Full Freedom

We are absolutely convinced of our performance. There are no vendor lock-ins. We offer monthly terms and various pricing models.

Thomas Lohner
Founder & CEO, ScaleCommerce
"The combination of SysEleven and ScaleCommerce solutions is extremely powerful. SysEleven operates a great infrastructure and we deliver the best solution for application performance!"

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