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SysEleven raises Managed Kubernetes with "MetaKube Accelerator" to a new level

  • SysEleven simplifies and automates setup and management
  • Faster deployment, continuous testing, and optimization of and for SaaS
  • High flexibility, secure updates, and digital sovereignty
  • Enables scaling business models

The Kubernetes specialist SysEleven is taking its Managed Kubernetes offering to a new level with the launch of “MetaKube Accelerator”. With the framework based on open source, organizations can create software projects more easily than ever before, manage them centrally, and run them in the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud. MetaKube Accelerator is aimed in particular at software agencies and companies that want to focus on the further development of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for their customers without having to manage identical software components in each project. 

It works much like a classic software catalog. SysEleven’s customers are provided with best-practice configurations that have already been tested for functionality, up-to-dateness, and compatibility. With these “building blocks”, application developers just need to perform the configurations required for their environment. These include, for example, things like monitoring and logging, DNS and certificate management, and data storage with MySQL or Redis.

“Many software projects need the same components over and over again. As a Kubernetes specialist, we take care of the basic groundwork with MetaKube Accelerator and significantly automate the setup and management of cloud-native applications,” says Marc Korthaus, CEO of SysEleven. “With our solution, our customers have to do very little for maintenance and operation on our GDPR-compliant Kubernetes platform and can conserve their scarce IT resources.”

Benefits and customer statement

“With MetaKube Accelerator, we offer our customers a software-independent and standardized CI/CD pipeline so that they can define complete setups and rely on common applications. We provide them with a secure software supply chain and fully take care of updating and testing the building blocks,” explains Korthaus. He adds, “With MetaKube Accelerator, we solve the challenge of permanently ensuring the up-to-dateness and compatibility of the open source components used. With MetaKube Accelerator, we eliminate threats posed by security vulnerabilities, such as those in the widely used OpenSSL, at a very early stage. We do this by checking all the components used for officially reported vulnerabilities (CVEs) and, if necessary, providing updated versions that customers can then use.”


SysEleven’s customer LV Digital has already relied on MetaKube Accelerator in the beta phase. “As the central German contact point for equestrian sports, we depend on maximum scalability in order to cope with selective load peaks without any performance loss,” says Heiko Krebs, Product Owner of LV Digital’s subsidiary rimondo.com, which is the largest equestrian sports platform in Germany with 300,000 members, over 1.3 million registered horses, and more than one million available videos.


SysEleven is already working on the next milestones. These include the much requested integration of PostgreSQL as a building block. On the other hand, customers will be able to add further applications to the application catalog – “Bring your own building block”, custom components for which SysEleven does not yet offer best practices. “In this way, we want to create a lively community in which members benefit from each other. They do this by sharing their working building blocks with others, using other building blocks, and collectively ensuring their compatibility,” says Korthaus.

About MetaKube Accelerator

The platform’s technical foundation is MetaKube Core, SysEleven’s GDPR-compliant managed Kubernetes offering, for which customers do not need to provide their own infrastructure to operate. MetaKube Accelerator builds on this to provide an integrated environment where application developers assemble complete setups from curated building blocks. They include, among others:

  • Lifecycle management – SysEleven always provides new versions of building blocks that deploy updated versions of the referenced software.
  • Integrated testing strategy – SysEleven ensures the smooth interaction of the components and the deployment of executable software with its own tests.
  • Application release automation, which automates the compilation and distribution or updating of an application across the various operating environments.
  • A data interface that forwards various operating parameters, for example to realize core functionalities such as alerting and monitoring.
  • Independence from cloud providers: Thanks to standardization with the help of Kubernetes, customers are free to decide whether they want to run their setup in certified German data centers with full GDPR compatibility or in a cloud of their choice, all in the spirit of digital sovereignty without vendor lock-in.

MetaKube Accelerator is available now and can be tested for free. For more information about SysEleven’s new framework, visit:

About SysEleven

SysEleven GmbH serves over 250 customers in the DACH market and employs over 120 people. As a cloud and Kubernetes managed service provider, SysEleven specializes in the operation of distributed and business-critical systems and the rapid scaling of workloads. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Germany’s leading cybersecurity company secunet, which supports organizations that want to complete their transformation to cloud native and value speed, flexibility, and autonomy. SysEleven’s service portfolio consists of comprehensive services, ranging from concept consulting and Kubernetes training to fully managed operations. At the heart of the vertical technology stack is “MetaKube”, a managed Kubernetes offering that enables organizations to develop and operate web-based software products. In 2018, SysEleven became a member of the Cloud Computing Native Foundation (CNCF) and a certified Kubernetes provider. 


SysEleven places great stock in data protection and digital sovereignty. All solutions are therefore hosted exclusively in ISO 27001-certified German data centers, enabling customers and partners to comply with the German Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/DSGVO). The company, which was founded in 2007, offers a range of services  that includes Managed Cloud Services, an OpenStack Public Cloud, Managed Kubernetes and various network services. SysEleven’s customers include Schiesser, Intersport, DFS Aviation Services, Babymarkt, FTAPI, Staffbase, Senatsverwaltung Berlin, brand eins, and Golem.de.


For more information, visit https://www.syseleven.de.

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