Kubernetes as a Service: Multi Cloud Integration

Multi-cloud with SysEleven

With MetaKube from SysEleven, you can deploy your containers across multiple cloud platforms. Alongside the connected infrastructure of SysEleven OpenStack Cloud, you also have access to the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the Frankfurt and Ireland regions and Microsoft Azure in 8 regions in Europe.

Your advantages with multi-cloud integration:

  • You can manage your Kubernetes clusters from one central dashboard
  • You keep total control over your projects, clusters, and nodes
  • You benefit from all advantages of the multi-cloud approach, and you can build up your high-availability Kubernetes system across multiple cloud platforms
  • The MetaKube team is always ready to help you further with your questions about availability

Kubernetes is becoming the standard for orchestrating containers and the cloud landscape is changing fast. With MetaKube and modern CI/CD pipelines, we have made multi-cloud technology manageable. We have thus made new uses and applications possible. With MetaKube, we are pursuing the cloud-native approach and offer services that are 100% compatible with hyperscaler infrastructures — with no vendor lock-in. We want to expand this service and are working hard to integrate other cloud providers into our program.

SysEleven MetaKube Dashboard
SysEleven MetaKube Dashboard

Try out MetaKube for 30 days now!

Your Kubernetes test account will include these features, among others:

  • A voucher for €2796. This covers 12 CPUs, 48 GB RAM, and 500 GB object storage, 500 GB volume storage, and 8 FIPs in the first 30 days.
  • MetaKube features like monitoring, backup, load balancing, SSL/TSL certification
  • Kubernetes tutorials and documentation for MetaKube
  • Direct contact to our MetaKube engineering team