Container Orchestration

Get the full potential of your containers with Kubernetes

Containers, especially docker containers, are playing an increasingly important role in the DevOps sector: Applications can be packaged completely and easily by you; only libraries, utilities, and static data are inside an image file. Because they run in the context of the host operating system, they are particularly portable and resource-saving – they do not need to start their own operating system, as would be the case with virtual machines. Containers make it possible to focus more on development by making critical operational expenses obsolete.

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In combination with orchestration tools, development teams can further optimize and automate their CI/CD pipeline. That way, they can further develop applications and publish new features in ever shorter cycles. For good reasons, Kubernetes is becoming the standard for container orchestration: The tool ensures stable and high-performance application operations through a range of powerful features that enable automated repair and scaling as well as self-running rollout and rollback. With fully automatable CI/CD pipelines, Kubernetes makes product development easier at a completely new level of quality.


Full automation with Kubernetes

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We enable a fast, worry-free entry into container orchestration: MetaKube saves you the immense effort of setting up and configuring Kubernetes. Instead, you start your first cluster with us in less than 5 minutes. Using the API, you automate the deployment of your containers and thus streamline the processes of your development. The development of the application comes to the fore.

We operate your Kubernetes clusters via our OpenStack-based cloud in our certified data centers in Berlin. This can be performed cost effectively in single regions for testing and staging as required, but also as a high-availability setup through two availability zones. With MetaKube, we go beyond a pure managed service for Kubernetes and refine container orchestration with essential features:

  • Automatic Backups & Recovery
  • Monitoring of clusters and alerting in case of anomalies
  • Lifecycle management for updates of Kubernetes
  • Dashboard (GUI) for a user-friendly overview and easy cluster management
  • Load Balancer as a Service

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