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Managing Third-Party Software in your GitOps Setups

GitOps and its methodologies help developers automate their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process. The SDLC also includes tasks from Operations Management during runtime. Therefore you need to cover dependencies to other software components, e.g., Data Management Software. Those other components are, in most cases, delivered by third-party providers.


Ideally, third-party software is incorporated into one’s development life cycle. However, linking multiple SDLCs creates a new life cycle Management, but this time for IT Architecture. GitOps conveniently enables you to do so. Using a central and standardized CI/CD pipeline allows you to manage your Application Stack better, including external components.


In this recorded talk our colleague Sascha will present you with a way to connect different SDLCs, manage your whole application stack, and facilitate collaboration between service providers and developers.

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