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With a Clear Goal in Mind

We are building the coolest fiber optic network in Berlin and Germany, to which we connect our customers and servers. Fast, reliable and stable. Currently we operate an external connection with a total capacity of more than 500G, intercept DDoS attacks with more than 100G traffic and supply the SysEleven Office with 100 Gbit/s – which is a lot of fun and requires a lot of experience: We are a small, strong team – generalists on one side, and a special focus on the other. We have experts from various fields, such as VPN, routing policies, firewalls, DWDM or fiber optic technologies.


We have the necessary expertise to reconcile the quality requirements of a high-performance network with cost-efficient management. Our management knows this and gives us a lot of freedom, so that we are independent and motivated when it comes to decisions as a team. In addition, we bring the necessary creativity to find good solutions to seemingly impossible problems. How do we do that? By learning from each other as a team, by supporting and by trusting each other. This also means that no one leaves anyone hanging here and that we put the success of the team before the one’s own position.

  • With Netbox we map all networks, IPs, racks, servers etc. and document our work.
  • For our statistical heart we use Observium, which we use to map traffic billing, our inventory, optical monitoring, auto-discovery and alerts.
  • Routers, load balancers and firewalls are available from Juniper, Mellanox, Fortinet and F5.
  • With MidoNet – an SDN solution from MiduKura – we increase our performance and roll out complex infrastructures in minutes instead of weeks.
  • everything across the board from network basics to complex routing topics, traffic engineering, DWDM, various network techniques and protocols.
  • how you operate networks with the classic three-way routing, switching and firewall.
  • how important automation is in our business and how we optimize our processes.
  • which focus suits you best.


"I am enthusiastic about the idea that we will automate our systems to such an extent that one day we will be lying on an island on the beach and watching everything happen on its own. To get there, we always take the best idea from the team – regardless of age or position."

Christian, Senior Network Engineer
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