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Lead projects and take responsibility

// About Team Projectmanagement

We hold the threads between clients, agencies, product management and full-blooded admins together

Project management at SysEleven is realised by experienced project managers using the highest standards and methods. We bring a high level of competence, organisational talent, expertise and leadership to the table.
With our many years of experience and our flair for communication in line with the addressees, we ensure efficient project implementation in order to meet your cost framework, quality requirements and the associated schedule and to lead the project to success.

  • Merlin Project
  • Zendesk
  • Confluence
  • Odoo
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Kickoff with our customers and engineers to jointly design the right setup
  • Project setup and control incl. documentation
  • Interface function for translation between customers and engineers
  • Customer communication for maximum transparency
  • Handover to secure operation
  • how to take on demanding projects on your own responsibility

  • how you successfully balance the magic triangle (costs, time, quality) in the course of the project

  • how you keep the threads between customers, sales, product management and engineers together

  • how new technologies support you in your work

"Conviction paired with loyalty to SysEleven. Not only communicative and organisational but also professional and technical challenges help me to make every day varied and creative."

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