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Win 2,000 EUR Credit on MetaKube Ressources for your K8s Project!

// KubeCon & CloudNativeCon EU 2021

MetaKube: Managed Kubernetes by SysEleven

With MetaKube, you can concentrate on your core competencies.

We take care of the management of the Kubernetes master components for you.

Get the chance to win 2,000 EUR for Kubernetes ressources.


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// 2,000 EUR credit for your K8s Project

Fill out the Form and win MetaKube Ressources!

// KubeCon & CloudNativeCon EU

Meet us at the SysEleven booth!

Showcases: MetaKube Accelerator

Learn more about our brand new MetaKube Edition at the event: Managed Kubernetes with Quickstart Application Templates.

Customer Use Cases

We will present you interesting use cases and show you how the path to Cloud Native went for our customers.

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