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Here you will find all information about our services and products.

Managed Kubernetes 101 Guide

Our guide takes you through the creation of a cluster and shows you step-by-step what extensions exist for Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Toolchains Mindmap

With our mindmap we give you an overview of more than 80 GitOps tools for your individual workflow.

Privacy Checklist

The overturned EU-US Privacy Shield changes the cloud market - what you now need to consider.

Kubernetes Provider Guide

Our guide helps you to find the right Kubernetes provider based on different points of view.

Docker vs. Kubernetes

In our infographics you will learn the differences between Kubernetes and Docker.

SysEleven Stack Flyer

We love OpenStack! 11 good reasons why you should choose the SysEleven Stack.

Kubernetes Readiness Checklist

Whether you and your cloud project are Kubernetes-ready is easy to find out with our checklist.

Cheat Sheet: Getting started with Kubernetes

This cheat sheet helps you to execute commands in Kubernetes & shows all kubectl commands + API objects at a glance.

Whitepaper: Nextcloud Server Side Encryption

In this whitepaper we show you which cryptographic vulnerabilities the Nextcloud has.

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