Best Practice: How an EU directive transformed into a cloud-native project


Whistleblowing with Kubernetes

The term “Cloud Native” is on everyone’s lips, but what does the path to Cloud Native actually look like? What were the technical challenges that were faced and overcome? What went wrong and how was it dealt with? This is just a sample of questions that every organization is sure to be asking about Cloud Native and Kubernetes.

Michael Krinninger (VP Engineering) and Jonathan Dietrich (DevOps Engineering) from FTAPI GmbH tell you which measures ultimately led to success.


Michael and Jonathan provide insights:

  • How an EU directive transformed into a cloud-native project for secure whistleblowing software
  • What a fundamental strategy change from on-premise to on-demand looks like
  • From 500 dedicated servers to a large managed Kubernetes cluster with SysEleven
  • Sharing challenges and the path to solutions
  • Best practices: Rapid development and implementation of a competitive whistleblower system
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Our speakers

SysEleven Webinare Florian Rätzer
Florian Rätzer, Technical Sales
SysEleven GmbH

Florian Rätzer is Technical Sales Manager at SysEleven. With over 13 years of experience in the cloud technology environment and his constant drive to push the envelope in IT, he is now involved in the cloud-native space.

FTAPI Jonathan
Jonathan Dietrich, DevOps Engineering
FTAPI Software GmbH

Jonathan Dietrich has been with FTAPI since 2015 and is DevOps Engineer since 2019. In this role, he is responsible for the technological infrastructure and drives the implementation of the cloud environment at FTAPI.

FTAPI Michael
Michael Krinninger, VP Engineering
FTAPI Software GmbH

Michael Krinninger is a member of the management team at FTAPI. As Vice President Engineering, he is responsible for product development as well as for the strategic expansion of FTAPI’s highly secure data exchange platform.

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FTAPI is a German software provider based in Munich. FTAPI SecuTransfer is based on the specially developed SecuPass security technology. It stands for simple and secure data exchange within and between  companies, public authorities, and medical institutions. Data rooms as well as secure forms and processes complement data transfer via e-mail, browser, or app, and make FTAPI an all-around platform for data transfer and security.


FTAPI helps drive digitization in companies with simple means. It significantly increases the efficiency of work processes. Enormous potential can be leveraged in particular through the secure automation of processes, such as the protected sending of digital payrolls or the data protection-compliant online receipt of applications with little effort.


Under its vision of “Securing Digital Freedom”, FTAPI is committed to safeguarding the data security and privacy of both individuals and companies. FTAPI is the market leader in German-speaking countries and is used by millions of users in over 124 countries.


For more information, visit www.ftapi.com

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About SysEleven

SysEleven was founded in 2007 by Marc Korthaus and currently employs more than 100 people. SysEleven provides a vertical technology stack. This includes Managed Cloud Services, an OpenStack Public Cloud, and Kubernetes as a Service, as well as network and carrier services. If desired, these are also exclusively provided in German data centers via its own fiberoptic ring.


Since its founding, SysEleven has gained a lot of experience in operating distributed systems, the rapid scaling of workloads, and the availability requirements of business-critical systems. With SysEleven’s NEO methodology, experts are at your side from concept consulting, training of your admins, and DevOps all the way up to fully managed operations. To do this, SysEleven takes an in-depth look at best-of-breed technologies. That way, you have the freedom to choose which technologies you want to use.


Since 2018, SysEleven has been a member of the Cloud Computing Native Foundation and is a certified Kubernetes provider. With SysEleven’s Kubernetes-as-a-Service solution MetaKube, you also enjoy full freedom of choice: whether it’s an on-premise solution, one running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or on the SysEleven OpenStack Cloud: You always make the right decision. For your business. Now and in the future.


For more information, visit www.syseleven.de