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Effective and efficient Incident Management is the foundation for the protection and maintenance of business-critical infrastructure. Each and everyone of our customers relies on us having a 24/7 observability of our entire fleet of servers. As Incident Management team we proactively rectify problems in our customers setups and clear other teams backs in order for the entire company to develop. What sounds simple is the mastery in the context of cooperation and technical know-how.

Our infrastructure consists of more than 40 different services. Nginx, Apache, MySQL, Redis, Solr, Elasticsearch, Logstash, F5 BigIP, RabbitMQ and Varnish are just some of them.
To keep the amount of services running, we use a software stack that is almost as large.

These are, for example, Icinga2, Grafana and Prometheus, to name just a few of the systems used. 

  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Lifecycle management for incidents.
  • Identify, analyze, andsustainably resolve incidents.
  • Structured and targeted remedy of unplanned loss of control.
  • Minimize the impact of incidents on business critical processes.
  • that caching is not the solution to all problems, but often enough the reason.
  • how to keep calm and keep track in every situation.
  • how to do troubleshooting in every layer of the TCP/IP stack.

"Having each others backs – Incident management at SysEleven is not just limited to firefighting and adrenaline rush. We enable and encourage our colleagues within the entire bandwidth of complex analysis, exact problem management and pro active customer communication in the scope of our infrastructure. Our team actively celebrates new work and respects the wishes and needs of all parties involved. "​

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